Skyrim was one of the best games of 2011 and since then the developers have introduced a host of patches to address different in-game issues and improve the overall gameplay. Patch 1.2, 1.3 and 1.4 are already there to remove and repair any kind of bugs in the game. However, new DLCs are already on the way and there are speculations about what they will bring.

Here are the top five speculated improvements:

Faster Travel via Waygates: It is being said that the next big DLC that will arrive for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim will introduce Waygates that will let you travel faster than usual. An environment data could be loaded in the game in the future to travel faster to destinations making the load times minimal.

Improved Construction Abilities: The game already features ability, purchaseable houses, where you can spend long hours arranging the things inside your new home, making the book shelves right and displaying your weapons on the walls. Now the recent speculation has claimed that the gamers will be able to construct their own homes via a new DLC.

Guards with Improved AI: A new development could see the guards with an improved sense of being that will make the game more believable. For example, it is said that now guards will light up a dark area rather than just standing in the darkness, which is quite normal in real life, especially if it’s possible to relight an extinguished torch.

A Gigantic Mudcrab?: This is a speculation that may or may not happen. It is believed that the new DLC that will be introduced will feature some sort of a giant enemy mudcrab that will look to give the gamer a hard time. However, its weak points can be attacked to inflict massive damage.

Kinect-enabled Gaming: A Kinect-based gaming ability is expected in the future that will make the game run just on shout-outs by the gamer. Take care not to smash the TV.

(Information from GamesRadar)