• Anthony Sokolich has been accused of murdering his severely disabled sister  
  • Katherine suffered a "severe brain bleed" and she succumbed Sunday
  • Anthony faces second-degree murder charges

St. Louis County, Missouri, -- An elderly man in Missouri murdered his younger sister, months after a court appointed him as the guardian of his 63-year-old incapacitated sibling. The 70-year-old man who grew frustrated taking care of the woman beat her to death, police said.

The suspect, identified as Anthony Sokolich, was accused of murdering his severely disabled sister, Katherine Sokolich, Saturday night at a condo they shared. Katherine succumbed to the injuries the following day.

"She [Katherine] had some disabilities and it appeared he [Anthony] was frustrated with taking care of her," St. Louis County police Sgt. Tracy Panus said describing the motive, reported St.Louis Post-Dispatch.

The incident came to light after Anthony called 911 and requested the dispatcher to send an ambulance as his sister was unconscious. He told emergency officers that he had struck the victim multiple times, Law & Crime reported.

The deputies found Katherine unconscious with injuries to her face. She suffered a "severe brain bleed," according to the medics. During interrogation, Anthony also admitted to killing his sister.

A court order issued on Feb.1 said Katherine was found to be in "total incapacity and total disability." A judge then appointed her elder brother, Anthony, as her guardian and conservator of her estate.

The court also ordered Katherine to be placed in a supervised living situation and asked Anthony to inform officials about the updates.

However, last month, Anthony missed the deadline to file an inventory and appraisement of the estate he was in charge of. The judge then gave Anthony time until Wednesday and warned him he could be cited and possibly removed as the in-charge if he missed the deadline again.

Anthony was initially charged with assault. But after the woman's death, his charges have now been upgraded to second-degree murder, according to court records. A court has set his bond at $250,000.

Representation. Police lights. tevenet/Pixabay