Salesman Ryan Martinez clears the chamber of an AR-15 at the "Ready Gunner" gun store In Provo, Utah, Provo, Utah, June 21, 2016. REUTERS/George Frey

Gun sales are on the rise in various local markets around the U.S., and some have attributed the increase to the contentious state of the presidential election and American politics overall.

With a Hillary Clinton presidency looking more and more like a reality, her views on the Second Amendment have some gun owners rushing to buy up what they can out of fear a new administration could tighten existing laws, according to a gun store owner in Alabama.

"The thought process being if a certain candidate was elected, these guns, you may not be able to buy them maybe after the first of the year," Jeremy Hopkins, of Mark’s Outdoor Sports in Vestavia Hills, told local news outlet WVTM 13. "So they’re wanting to go ahead and buy them just in case you won’t be able to purchase them anymore."

Clinton has said that "an individual's right to bear arms is a constitutional right." But, she also said about how a Clinton White House might view gun rights: "If it is a constitutional right, then it, like every other constitutional right, is subject to reasonable regulations." The word "if" is what likely has many gun owners shaken.

President Barack Obama's re-election in 2012 had the same effect on gun sales, as firearm owners exponentially reinforced their arsenals after Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney was defeated. One gun store owner reported his sales were up 400 percent after Obama was voted to return to the White House, according to local Texas news outlet Lubbock Online.

But the prospects of a Clinton presidency seems to have sent many gun owners into a panic, and some store owners are taking advantage of the apparent paranoia. One store in Las Vegas even held a "Pre-Hillary" gun sale recently, according to PJ Media.

The advertisement reads: "Don’t wait! Prices will skyrocket after Crooked Hillary gets in."