Nelsan Ellis as Shinwell, Jonny Lee Miller as Sherlock
In Season 5, episode 18 of “Elementary,” Sherlock (Jonny Lee Miller) and Joan (Lucy Liu) question how well they know Shinwell (Nelsan Ellis) after they found out that he might have gotten away with the murder of Jameel Clark in 2005. CBS

Sherlock (Jonny Lee Miller) and Joan (Lucy Liu) will investigate a 12-year-old unsolved murder case in Season 5, episode 18 of “Elementary” after they find out that the brother of the victim thinks that Shinwell (Nelsan Ellis) was the perpetrator of the crime.

According to the synopsis for the episode, titled “Dead Man’s Tale,” Sherlock and Joan try to find out whether Shinwell killed his fellow SBK member, Jameel Clark.

In last week’s Season 5, episode 17, Shinwell was shot at after he and Sherlock left the gym. Shinwell suspected that SBK’s rival gang, Los Espectros, was behind the drive-by. But after Sherlock found out that a slug from the shooting was a match from bullets collected from Jameel’s unsolved murder case, the British sleuth thought that the latest attempt to end Shinwell’s life was personal rather than gang-related.

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Sherlock learned from Jameel’s brother, Denton (Julian Elijah Martinez), that Jameel and Shinwell were pretty close. But when the detective asked Denton if he knows other information that would help the authorities identify Jameel and Shinwell’s shooters — who could be the same man— Denton refused to offer any assistance.

Sherlock asked Shinwell if he and Jameel had a common enemy that would like to have them both killed. Shinwell then revealed that before Jameel died, he and Jameel — together with some of the latter’s friends — held up a liquor store in Atlantic City. Shinwell said that the owner killed one of their fellow robbers, and that thief’s brother blamed Shinwell and Jameel for the incident, telling them that he’ll kill them to avenge his sibling’s death.

For some reason, Sherlock felt that Shinwell was withholding information from him, so he continued his investigation until he figured out that Denton was the one behind Shinwell’s drive-by. Sherlock’s theory was that Denton tried to kill Shinwell because he thinks Shinwell murdered his brother.

In addition to finding out whether Shinwell got away with Jameel’s murder, Sherlock and Joan also search for a treasure map rumored to lead to pirate’s gold hidden in New York City.

Interestingly, the promo clip for the episode also sees a mysterious man hitting Sherlock’s head with a bottle. Is this attack connected to Sherlock’s investigation of Jameel’s murder? Or is it something related to the treasure map hunt?

“Elementary” Season 5, episode 18 airs on Sunday, March 26 at 10 p.m. EST on CBS. Watch the promo clip below: