• Elizabeth Hurley shared a sexy photo online 
  • Her company launched a Leopard Robe amid the lockdown
  • The model celebrted her mom's 80th birthday last week

Staying inside the house to practice social distancing has been hard on everyone, including Elizabeth Hurley. The actress and model recently celebrated staying indoors for six weeks and staying “relatively sane” by posting a sexy picture of herself in a bikini.

Hurley shared a picture of herself standing alone at a beach wearing a bikini and a leopard-print robe. The picture appears to have been from a previous photo shoot that the mode is now using to promote the new silk robe her company has launched amid the lockdown.

The "Leopard Robe" is from a limited edition rage that Hurley launched recently. It is a pure silk garment that the model has released to mark six weeks of staying at home because of the coronavirus.

Hurley has been urging her fans to stay home, even though it is tempting for people to go out and enjoy the spring season. The model shared a picture of her in a pink bra and denim shorts on Instagram to tell her fans to stay indoors even though the weather outside is inviting.

Practicing social distancing has also meant that people haven’t been able to celebrate special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries. Celebrities are also not exempt from this problem. Hurley’s mother celebrated her 80th birthday last week, and all the model could do was to wish her on Instagram with an old picture of them together.

Hurley wore a pink top that exposed her toned abs and a pair of denim shorts in the picture she took with her mom. “ Happy 80th Birthday, to my glorious Mummy,” she wrote in the post. She revealed that this was a birthday that was celebrated while staying at home amid the lockdown. The model also called her mother the “best mama.”

Another sexy picture that Hurley shared on social media recently was on Earth Day last week. The model went top-less for the post as she lay down on the grass in her underwear. “Habitat destruction and the illegal wildlife trade have contributed to deadly pandemics,” she wrote in the post while wishing everyone a happy Earth Day.

The Earth Day post by Hurley was a part of a campaign to support the charity group Space for Giants. The campaign is to help protect natural ecosystems and all life on earth.

Elizabeth Hurley Affair
Actress and model Elizabeth Hurley has denied claims that she had an affair with former U.S. President Bill Clinton. Twitter