In the latest hologram news, Elvis Presley will be getting the full treatment by the same people who resurrected Tupac Shakur for Coachella 2012.

Elvis Presley, who died on Aug. 16, 1977, will be brought back to life via a hologram made by the Digital Domain Media Group.

According to Rolling Stone, the group has teamed up with Core Media Group to create a virtual version of the King.

The hologram will appear on film, television and other media, with concerts being a definite possibility, the magazine says.

Digital Domain, the creators of the holographic Tupac that performed at this year's Coachella Festival, and Core Media, which owns the rights to Elvis' likeness, are in talks to create the Virtual Elvis, as well as a revamp of the Graceland museum, a possible drama series and a duets album with Sony.

The announcement comes after Elvis previous appeared in hologram form on Fox's American Idol.

The move was in an effort to restructure Core Media, the company that owns the rights to American Idol, in light of the show's ratings drop.

Details of the Elvis Presley hologram appearance will be released in the coming weeks.