Democrat Jon Ossoff and Republican Karen Handel face off in Georgia's special election Tuesday. In the last days of this very close race for a congressional seat, an email from the Ossoff campaign may have revealed just how uncomfortably desperate things have become. 

The email, purportedly sent from the Ossoff campaign to a mailing list of potential donors, reads: "___, after emailing you again and again and again yesterday, we thought support would POUR in."

"When we told you Donald Trump and Paul Ryan are hauling in MILLIONS for our opponent? NOTHING," the email continues. "When we told you we're being outspent 2-to-1? NOTHING. And when we told you the latest poll shows us nearly TIED? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING."

Such messages have provoked some backlash from supporters who took to social media to complain about "hysterical" emails. "I've been getting hysterical emails like this from the Ossoff campaign AFTER I donated $100. WTF?" read a post on May 8 by Facebook user Jerry Steffens.

A post from Jamie Diamond on June 20 read: "Is his team insane? First off, people don't like being bombarded. Secondly, people don't have a whole lot of money to donate. I'm sure he will lose votes over this. They might not go to Handel, but they won't go to him."

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Email complaints had also surfaced prior to the April runoff election in which Ossoff received more votes than any other candidate but failed to reach the 50 percent needed to avoid a special election. 

In a race that has received national media coverage, unease appears to have even spread to polling stations a week before the election.

"It’s slightly disturbing that people are losing their civility over voting,” said Richard Barron, Fulton, Georgia's director of registration and elections told Atlanta Journal-Constitution on June 14. "The election is really getting heated. Poll workers are feeling insecure over these incidents. People are being aggressive."

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While Ossoff's campaign emails have drawn complaints, so have Republican campaign tactics. "Great America Alliance," a pro-Trump group, ran a radio ad that misquotes former President Obama narrating his autobiographical book, "Dreams From My Father."

The ad features Obama talking about the Democratic Party but excludes that Obama was quoting a barber who was speaking about the black community and Chicago politics. 

"Plantation politics," Obama is heard reciting. "Black people in the worst jobs. The worst housing. Police brutality rampant. But when the so-called black committeemen came around election time, we'd all line up and vote the straight Democratic ticket. Sell our souls for a Christmas turkey."

Politifact rated the ad "Pants on Fire" for its "cherry-picked quote."

Jon Ossoff Democratic candidate Jon Ossoff greets supporters while campaigning for Georgia's 6th Congressional District special election in Chamblee, Georgia, U.S., June 19, 2017. Photo: Chris Aluka Berry/REUTERS