Emma Watson has a huge following among “Harry Potter” fans, but Watson does not consider herself a good actress. So much so that when someone praises her acting skills, she feels “incredibly uncomfortable.”

Watson, 25, made her foray into the world of acting when she was just 11-years-old in “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone.” After 14 years, the actress still has not come to terms with her fame and skills.

"It's something I've really wrestled with. I've gone back and I've quizzed my parents. When I was younger, I just did it. I just acted. It was just there,” she told Vogue UK in a new interview.

“I feel incredibly uncomfortable [when someone praises her acting]. I tend to turn in on myself. I feel like an imposter,” the actress said. Watson's low self-esteem hampered her confidence when she was asked to speak on feminism at U.N. headquarters in New York last September.

“I was in my hotel room, thinking, I can't do this. I was just terrified,” Watson reminisced. But she got in touch with a friend via Skype who asked her to change her point of view. “Go through it again and ask yourself, if you were hit by a bus tomorrow, would you be comfortable with every single line?”

Following the advice, Watson delivered an inspiring speech and is happy she was chosen as a goodwill ambassador. The actress said she now feels she has a purpose in her career. “I now feel this sense of peace. People say that I’m different since I did it,” she said.