There were some newcomers and a lot of familiar faces when the Academy of Television Art & Sciences announced the nominees for the 63rd version of the Emmys.

Mad Men, the AMC drama about the 1960s advertising scene, topped all with an impressive 19 nominations. The drama starring Jon Hamm and Elisabeth Moss has won Outstanding Drama Series three years in a row and is looking to make it four this year. Last year's Comedy Series winner, Modern Family, received 17 nominations.

Some newcomers were the HBO time piece drama about the 1920s, Boardwalk Empire. The drama starring Steve Buscemi scored 18 nominations. Game of Thrones, another HBO drama, based on a series of medieval fantasy novels from George R.R. Martin, about had 13 nominations. New to the comedy series was The Big Bang Theory and Parks & Recreation, which are entering their fifth and fourth seasons respectively.

Jane Lynch is set to host the Emmys which will be broadcast live on Sept 18.

Here is a complete list of the nominations along with some early predictions.  

Outstanding Drama Series

Boardwalk Empire - HBO

The Good Wife - CBS

Mad Men - AMC

Friday Night Lights - DirecTV

Dexter - Showtime

Game of Thrones - HBO

Prediction:  Shows like Dexter, Game of Thrones and Friday Night Lights, are certainly worthy of winning but in all likelihood are fodder for Mad Men and Boardwalk Empire. I believe one of those two shows will take it. I'm giving Mad Men the slight edge here based on Emmy history and the show's riveting fourth season.  Boardwalk will have plenty of chances to take it in the future whereas Mad Men is probably getting to the point where it won't win it that much longer.

Outstanding Comedy Series

Glee - Fox

Parks and Recreation - NBC

The Office - NBC

Modern Family - ABC

30 Rock - NBC

The Big Bang Theory - CBS

Prediction:  Newcomers Big Bang Theory and Parks and Rec earned well deserved nominations but that's probably as far as they'll get this year. 30 Rock and The Office are on the downside of their show's respective runs and probably won't win. That leaves Glee and Modern Fam to duke it out again. Last year it seemed to be a toss up with Modern Family coming out on top. This year I don't think it's nearly as close, Modern Family will win it decisively.

Lead Actor in a Drama Series

Steve Buscemi - Nucky Thompson - Boardwalk Empire

Michael C. Hall - Dexter Morgan - Dexter

Kyle Chandler  - Coach Eric Taylor - Friday Night Lights

Jon Hamm - Don Draper - Mad Men

Hugh Laurie - Dr. Gregory House - House

Timothy Olyphant - Raylan Givens - Justified

Prediction: If only Bryan Cranston and Breaking Bad were in this category, it would be a lot easier to predict. Since Breaking Bad and Cranston aren't eligible, I think a long-time nominee who has yet to win will take it. It could be Jon Hamm, Hugh Laurie or Michael C. Hall. I'd personally like to see Michael C. Hall win it for his incredible run as Dexter Morgan but I think it will go to Jon Hamm.

Lead Actress in a Drama Series

Elisabeth Moss - Peggy Olson - Mad Men

Connie Britton - Tami Taylor - Friday Night Lights

Mariska Hargitay - Detective Olivia Benson - Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

Mireille Enos - Sarah Linden - The Killing

Julianna Margulies - Alicia Florrick - The Good Wife

Kathy Bates - Harriet Harry Korn -Harry's Law

Prediction:  Last year's entrant Kyra Sedgwick surprisingly didn't even get nominated so there's no repeat winner here.  A lot of these women are deserving and I wouldn't be surprised to see Connie Britton take it home for the last season of Friday Night Lights. However, I'm going with critical darling and Emmy favorite Julianna Margulies to win.

Supporting Actor in a Drama Series

John Slattery - Roger Sterling - Mad Men

Andre Braugher - Owen - Men of a Certain Age

Walton Goggins - Boyd Crowder - Justified

Peter Dinklage - Tyrion Lannister - Game of Thrones

Josh Charles - Will Gardner - The Good Wife

Alan Cumming - Eli Gold - The Good Wife

Prediction: Another category that would have been made easier to predict had Breaking Bad been on the air. With Aaron Paul out of the category and the two The Good Wife guys in my opinion ruling each other out, I think that leaves John Slattery from Mad Men and Andre Braugher from Men of a Certain Age. I'll go with Andre Braugher since he's another critical and Emmy favorite.

Supporting Actress in a Drama Series

Kelly Macdonald - Margaret Schroeder - Boardwalk Empire

Christina Hendricks - Joan Harris - Mad Men

Michelle Forbes - Mitch Larsen - The Killing

Archie Panjabi - Kalinda Sharma - The Good Wife

Margo Martindale - Mags Bennett - Justified

Christine Barnaski - Diane Lockhart - The Good Wife

Prediction:  Last year Panjabi won this category in a relative shocker. This year, we could see another shocker with perhaps Justified's Martindale or The Killing's Forbes getting some love. However, I'll go out on a limb and say its Panjabi's co-star, Christine Barnaski, that provides the shock and gets the win.

Lead Actor in a Comedy Series

Matthew Leblanc -Matt Leblanc - Episodes

Jim Parsons - Sheldon Cooper - The Big Bang Theory

Steve Carell - Michael Scott - The Office

Johnny Galecki - Leonard Hofstadter - The Big Bang Theory

Louis C.K. - Louie - Louie

Alec Baldwin - Jack Donaghy - 30 Rock

Prediction: Talk about a loaded category (personally, I love all of these guys). Kudos to Louis C.K. for getting a well deserved nomination for his self portrayal on the dark comedy Louie. That being said, I think him, Galecki and Leblanc probably have little to no shot of winning this. It comes down to last year's winner Parsons, two time winner Baldwin and sentimental favorite. I think the Emmy voters actually have a heart this year (they have shown sentiment in the past) and give it to Steve Carell for his final season of The Office.

Lead Actress in a Comedy Series

Tina Fey - Liz Lemon - 30 Rock

Laura Linney - Cathy Jamison - The Big C

Edie Falco - Jackie Peyton - Nurse Jackie

Amy Poehler - Leslie Knope - Parks and Recreation

Melissa McCarthy - Molly Flynn - Mike & Molly

Martha Plimpton - Virginia Chance - Raising Hope

Prediction: In the last few years, this has been a Showtime category. Falco won it last year for Nurse Jackie (even though she admitted on stage that the show wasn't even really a comedy) and Toni Collette won it two years ago for United States of Tara. Logic would then say it is probably Laura Linney's turn as Cathy Jamison in The Big C.

Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series

Jon Cryer - Alan Harper - Two and a Half men

Chris Colfer - Kurt Hummel - Glee

Jesse Tyler Ferguson - Mitchell Pritchett - Modern Family

Ed O'Neil - Jay Prichett - Modern Family

Eric Stonestreet - Cameron Tucker - Modern Family

Ty Burrell - Phil Dunphy - Modern Family

Prediction:  Another loaded category with all four men from Modern Family getting a nod. I respect the show's actors and actresses agreeing to put themselves in this category but it may cost them. Last year's winner Stonestreet is facing stiff competition from Chris Colfer, who has gotten a lot of love for his portrayal of the out and proud of it teen Kurt on Glee. But I'm actually going to go somewhat out on the limb here and pick former winner Jon Cryer to take this. Why? He's well liked and I bet he'll get a lot of sympathy votes for the whole Charlie Sheen debacle.

Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series

Jane Lynch - Sue Sylvester - Glee

Betty White - Elka Ostrosky - Hot in Cleveland

Julie Bowen - Claire Dunphy - Modern Family

Kristin Wiig - Various characters - Saturday Night Live

Jane Krakowski - Jenna Maroney - 30 Rock

Sofia Vergara - Gloria Delgado-Pritchett - Modern Family

Prediction: Another tough category with a lot of deserving nominees. Betty White is an Emmy and fan favorite but I think she may be overmatched this year. Wiig is talented but won't win, neither will Krakowski. I think it goes to the Emmy host Jane Lynch.

Other Categories

Prediction: I can't say I watched any of the miniseries so I have to plead ignorance on all of those. For variety, music or comedy series, I think The Daily Show starring Jon Stewart wins for the millionth year in a row. In terms of reality series, I think Project Runway wins it. For Reality Host, Jeff Probst wins it again.