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  • ENHYPEN released the 65th episode of "EN-O'CLOCK" on its YouTube channel
  • It took three years for a girl to like ENHYPEN's Heeseung back and start to date him
  • Heeseung and the girl he liked only ended up dating for three months

The ENHYPEN members sat down together to read about different problems and shared their thoughts and practical advice in the latest episode of the group's YouTube variety show "EN-O'CLOCK."

For the episode, the seven ENHYPEN members were divided into two teams. Sunoo, Ni-Ki, Jay and Heeseung were together in one group, while Jungwon, Sunghoon and Jake comprised the other team.

When the second team read a love-related scenario, Heeseung offered to talk about his elementary school love story. "Can I tell you about my love story from elementary school?" he said.

His teammates Sunoo, Ni-Ki and Jay laughed but were interested. "That's cute," Jay even said.

According to Heeseung, there was a girl he liked in fourth grade. He shared that he liked the girl for three years, leading to his members telling him that he's a man of perseverance.

However, the girl didn't like him and didn't even want him to call her. But even though his feelings were unreciprocated, Heeseung still liked the girl. "I stuck around and liked her," the now 21-year-old ENHYPEN member said.

Three years later, when they were already in seventh grade, Heeseung shared that they played "Truth or Dare." His friends, knowing about his feelings toward the girl, asked her, "[Heeseung] likes you, how do you feel?"

The girl responded that she didn't like Heeseung then, but "he wasn't so bad now" that they were in seventh grade.

Hearing this, Heeseung's teammates smiled and got more interested, asking him what happened next.

Heeseung went on to share that they ended up going out. With this, Sunoo advised the person in the love scenario they read about to wait for three years.

However, the supposedly happy ending turned bitter when Heeseung revealed that his relationship with the girl he liked only lasted three months.

This left Ni-Ki and Sunoo laughing while Jay was in disbelief. Then, Sunoo jokingly quipped, "Three years gets you three months."

In other news, in July, Heeseung surprised the Filipino K-Pop community, especially ENGENEs – ENHYPEN fans – with a short cover of Filipino singer Zack Tabudlo's "Give Me Your Forever."

He uploaded his rendition of Tabudlo's song on TikTok to express how much he loved the fans and promised to always be by their side.

In the video, the K-Pop idol wholeheartedly sang "Give Me Your Forever" live, focusing on the chorus of the hit single. Heeseung captioned the post, "Surprise Present for ENGENE!"

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