ENHYPEN's Jay and Jake with Eric Nam
Screenshot from the latest episode of the "Daebak Show" featuring ENHYPEN's Jay and Jake. DIVE Studios/ YouTube


  • ENHYPEN members Jay and Jake revealed that the group follows a set of rules in the dorm
  • The dorm rules include a four-song time limit in the shower and always knocking on the door
  • Jake revealed that Jungwon takes the longest to shower among the members

Living in one dorm might be chaotic for seven young men. Thankfully, ENHYPEN has a bunch of rules to help maintain peace in its home.

In the latest episode of the "Daebak Show" — hosted by Eric Nam — ENHYPEN members Jake and Jay talked about what it is like living in the dorm and revealed that a set of rules exists among the group and is still being practiced today.

In the video uploaded on DIVE Studio's official YouTube channel Tuesday, Eric read aloud seven rules seen in a photo of the 20-year-old Australian singer holding up the list written in the Korean language.

The list cited: (1) No asking for one bite, (2) Always knocking, (3) No touching of Sunghoon's things, (4) Washing hands and feet properly, (5) Not playing games at the studio, (6) Taking a shower within the duration of four songs, (6.1) Allowing up to five songs when doing hair and makeup and (7) Always trying to end [the] conflict peacefully.

After reading the list, Jake confirmed that all the rules are still in effect. He then explained that rule No. 4 was based on the recent COVID-19 pandemic. But as for Rule No. 5, the members now seldom play games, especially Sunoo.

Explaining why members have a limit for showers, Jake said that some members — he did not mention the names — took too long in the bathroom, to the point where it got "out of hand."

Eric also asked who takes the longest to shower, and Jay and Jake agreed that it was Jungwon. The latter also revealed that the 19-year-old leader of ENHYPEN takes about a minimum of 30 minutes in the shower, which is way too long compared to his 5-minute shower.

Interestingly, Jungwon likes spending time just standing in the hot shower to cure "fatigue." Though the members understood the situation, it's also necessary for everyone to take turns in the shower.

Elsewhere in the interview, they also talked about the last rule, which was about resolving conflicts in the group. Jake said it started during their debut days when they began living together in 2020.

He further shared that he and his bandmates Jungwon, Sunoo, Sunghoon, Ni-Ki, Jay and Heeseung used to have meetings every day after finishing their schedules, and they listened to each other's sentiments and opinions. Though they didn't actually fight, it helped build teamwork and solidified their relationship.

ENHYPEN recently kicked off its second world tour, "Fate," at the KSPO Dome in Seoul, South Korea, on July 29 to 30. The group will jet off to Japan in September to perform at the Kyocera Dome in Osaka and the Tokyo Dome on Sept. 2 to 3 and Sept. 13 to 14, respectively, before heading to the U.S. More tour dates and locations will be announced soon.

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