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Enrique Iglesias earned an estimated $2,145.75 from Spotify per lyric of “SUBEME LA RADIO” in 2017. He’s pictured at The Morning Mash Up on SiriusXM Hits 1 backstage broadcast leading up to the Billboard Music Awards on May 19, 2018 in Las Vegas. Isaac Brekken/Getty Images for SiriusXM


  • Enrique Iglesias shared a video of a fan kissing him passionately during a meet and greet in Las Vegas
  • The intimate encounter received mixed responses on social media
  • Some fans were not impressed and asked about Iglesias' longtime partner, Anna Kournikova

Enrique Iglesias raised some eyebrows after he got intimate with a fan in Las Vegas this week.

The "Bailando" singer, who has been dating Anna Kournikova for 20 years, shared on Instagram a video of himself kissing an enthusiastic female fan during what appeared to be a meet-and-greet before the first of his two concerts in Las Vegas Friday.

In the clip, Iglesias initially gave the fan a kiss on the cheek while they posed for a selfie. However, things took a steamy turn when the fan turned her head and began kissing him passionately on the lips.

The "Hero" singer did not turn away and instead continued making out with the mystery woman, even moving his hands toward her backside at one point.

They held onto the peck for a few seconds before Iglesias let go and ran off with a huge smile on his face, Page Six noted.

"Friday night in #LASVEGAS @resortsworldlv see you tonight!!!!" Iglesias captioned the video.

The fan was not identified, and it is unclear if the singer ever met her before the event.

Fans were divided over the encounter. Some said they were jealous of the "lucky" fan, while others were not happy that Iglesias got intimate with another woman while in a relationship with the tennis pro.

"So lucky! You are the best to your fans!" one wrote. "Oh my God!! I want to be her," another added.

"What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas," a third person joked.

One social media user, however, commented, "Anna wants to know your location," along with knife emojis.

"I don't like it when other girls kiss you! Your kisses must only be for Anna," another wrote.

Iglesias, 47, and Kournikova, 41, have been in a relationship since 2001 after they met on the set of his "Escape" music video.

"I've never met her before, but I'm a big fan," he said on MTV's "Making the Video" at the time, Us Weekly reported. "I'm sure a lot of guys want to meet her. I'm one of them. She's beautiful, talented, great tennis player, you know, and I'm sure she's going to be great in the video."

The pair briefly split in 2013 but got back together. Although they aren't legally married, Kournikova listed "Iglesias" as her last name on Instagram. They share three children — 4-year-old twins Nicholas and Lucy, and 2-year-old Mary.

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Anna Kournikova, pictured at the NBC Universal TCA Press Tour All-Star Party on Aug. 1, 2011 in Los Angeles, and Enrique Iglesias, pictured at the Grand Opening Celebration of TATEL Miami on March 20, 2017 in Miami Beach, Florida, are renovating their home for over half a million dollars. Gustavo Caballero/Michael Buckner/Getty Images