• A couple began arguing with the crew after the woman was given the window seat
  • The man said his wife paid for an aisle seat to avoid triggering her claustrophobia
  • He also claimed that his wife ended up with her "worst-case scenario, against the wall."

Inflight brawls are not uncommon, and out of the various reasons that cause them, seat preferences come right on top. In fact, a couple flying with United Airlines on Nov. 3 caused a ruckus when one of them was asked to take a different seat than what they paid for.

Things escalated to a point where all passengers were asked to disembark from the plane. The other travelers were left astounded and frustrated by the airline's move.

"So you're going to kick everyone off? You're going to make everyone get off now?" a passenger asked after being requested to get off the plane in the face of the ensuing chaos, reported.

The couple at the center of this incident relentlessly argued with the other passengers and the cabin crew after the woman was given the window seat despite claiming that she paid to be seated on the aisle side.

Footage from the flight, which was bound for Rome, reportedly showed the man engaged in a heated argument with several people about the situation. Taking the middle seat, he angrily claimed that his wife spent $142 to have an aisle seat to avoid triggering her claustrophobia.

The man also claimed that his wife ended up with her "worst-case scenario, against the wall," according to the outlet.

The crew then asked the couple to get off the plane, and after the wife was heard telling her husband they needed to disembark, the latter questioned the attendant as to what would exactly happen once they got out.

The man also told a frustrated passenger that the crew was at fault and deserved the blame for the situation.

"I'm blaming you because you're the one who's going to make us all get off because you're not leaving. Because you didn't get your way. I understand she's supposed to have her seat but you're not going to disrupt it for everybody," the passenger said in response, as per the outlet.

"Oh yes we are," the man replied.

The argument continued, and after a while, other passengers appeared to collect their belongings from the overhead shelves and leave the plane.

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A United Airlines Boeing 777-200  lands at San Francisco International Airport, San Francisco