Erin Andrews has opened up about her struggles with infertility as she is all set to undergo in vitro fertilization (IVF) treatment for the seventh time.

"It's a time-consuming and emotionally draining process," the 43-year-old sportscaster and actress wrote on Bulletin, a platform launched by Facebook last month. "This is my 7th one, and I've been going through these treatments since I was 35 years old."

Andrews then shared how her age has made things more challenging for her. "I'm now 43, so my body is kind of stacked against me," she explained.

"Your body just doesn't allow it. Every cycle is different in a woman's body, so some months are better than others," she explained. "When I heard this was the best time to go through another treatment, I had to figure it out all over again."

The "That's My Boy" actress further wrote about juggling between her treatment and work schedule.

"How am I going to juggle this treatment on top of my work schedule? I got so stressed out. When this happens, it really makes you question: is it the future of my family or is it my job?" she added.

Andrews has been married to Canadian ice hockey player Jarret Stoll since 2017.

Considering her profession, she noted how "women feel the need to keep things like this quiet." However, she believes that there are more women out there who may have "put their careers on the back burner because they don't want to miss out on any opportunities."

Andrews went on to explain that people often start their families late and don't hesitate to "put so many other aspects of their lives on hold."

"I decided that this time around, I would be open with my show producers about having to come to work a little later than normal because I was attending daily fertility appointments," she wrote. "And I am thankful I did it."

Andrews praised the producers of her show and disclosed that they encouraged her to be "open about it" because this is real life.

"I'm leaving to go take a hot yoga class, I'm trying to have a baby. I am not ashamed, and I want to be vocal and honest about this," the actress further said.

On the work front, Andrews is currently working for "NFL on Fox." She also made an appearance on "The Kelly Clarkson Show" in April 2021.

Erin Andrews
Show co-host Erin Andrews arrives at the 2015 CMT Awards in Nashville, Tennessee, June 10, 2015. REUTERS/ERIC HENDERSON