It’s not quite happy days for Erin Moran – the actress who played Joanie Cunningham on “Happy Days” is teetering on the verge of being homeless.

Moran, 51, and husband Steven Fleischman, 45, were kicked to the curb by Moran’s mother-in-law, and now the couple is moving from motel to motel to prevent becoming homeless, according to an exclusive report from the National Enquirer.

In a photo of Moran snapped by the tabloid, the actress is seen looking disheveled and smoking a cigarette.

The “Happy Days” actress never replicated the level of success she attained from starring in the sitcom, and Moran is squandering money from a settlement with CBS over merchandise revenue from the show, according to the Enquirer.

The tabloid said Fleischman also has a tenuous financial situation and works at the garden center of a Wal-Mart in Indiana.

The couple had been living at the Berkshire Mobile Home Park in New Salisbury, Ind., where Fleischman’s mom resides, according to the Enquirer. The tabloid said Moran and Fleischman were forced to move into the mobile home after their California home went into foreclosure and they were evicted from the property.

Moran’s partying ways is what led her mother-in-law to kick her and Fleischman out of the home, according to the Enquirer.

“Erin was a huge help at first, but then Steve’s mom got fed up with Erin’s nonstop partying and told her to hit the road,” a source close to the “Happy Days” star told the tabloid. “Erin was going to bars and coming home at all hours of the night, sometimes with her rowdy bar friends, and Steve’s mom just couldn’t take it anymore.”

The hard partying was also a problem for the Baymont Inn & Suites in Corydon, Ind., where Moran and Fleischman had been staying after being kicked out of the mobile home.

“On several occasions the hotel manage­ment warned Erin to curb her unruly behavior, but they finally had enough of her temper and demanded that she immediately leave the property,” another source told the Enquirer.

The couple then stayed at a Holiday Inn Express, but is considering a move to a Super 8 because of cheaper rates, according to the tabloid.

Moran reportedly was awarded about $65,000 from the CBS settlement, although the terms of the agreement were not made public.

Sources close to the “Happy Days” star said Moran is going through the money at a rapid pace.

“When Erin goes out to bars, she buys drinks for almost every­one in the place as if she has a never-ending supply of cash,” a source said. “At this rate, Erin’s money is going to be gone within a matter of weeks – and her quality of life is going to continue to sink lower and lower.”