Who Is The Eufy SoloCam E40 Wireless Security Camera For?

  • The Eufy SoloCam E40 wireless security camera is an easy way to add extra security measures to any location
  • The SoloCam E40 takes seconds to set up and comes with additional hardware to mount the camera on a wall or ceiling
  • Eufy's app makes checking in on the SoloCam E40 a seamless experience
The Eufy SoloCam E40 is an easy to use security camera that can go anywhere

Eufy Security is a known name in the security industry, and have been making a number of different security camera models for years now. Their latest, the SoloCam E40 wireless security camera, takes all of the pain out of setting up a security camera, and the fact that it is completely wireless means this security camera can go just about anywhere.

Seamless Setup

Getting the Eufy SoloCam E40 up and running took seconds and had no speed bumps or hiccups along the way. All that is required is to turn the camera on, download the free Eufy Security app and follow the steps for adding a new SoloCam camera. There was an odd step where the camera needed to scan a QR code on my phone, so I had to point the camera at my phone's screen and hope it was lined up, but that was quickly completed.

The mounting hardware also includes screws

The SoloCam E40 includes some additional hardware to help mount the camera to a wall or ceiling. The camera is built to be able to withstand water, so it is capable of being placed outside if wanted.

The one aspect of setup that wasn't exactly seamless is charging the SoloCam E40. It's not that the camera didn't charge or I had a hard time getting the cable in, but the E40 takes a very, very long time to reach a 100 percent filled battery. We're talking up to eight hours for a full charge. The good news here is that Eufy says the battery on the E40 can run for up to 120 days without needing a recharge. This will differ depending on where the camera is placed and what settings are used, but should mean that the camera only needs four or five charges a year to remain active.

The front of the SoloCam E40

Of course, if it is an inconvenience to take down the E40 to charge it, Eufy has a solution. There is a solar panel charger available that Eufy's line of cameras can be plugged into. This feeds energy collected by the solar panel directly to the camera, allowing it to run without issue.

Camera Performance

The Eufy SoloCam E40 really hits a home run when it comes to performance. The camera offers a crisp, clear video feed in 2K resolution that has about a one second delay when streaming to a paired mobile device. The E40 can be set to automatically go into night mode when needed, and the night vision on the camera is pretty spectacular. Images still have a high level of detail despite the lack of colors.

A screenshot of my phone's live feed from the SoloCam E40

The one downside to the SoloCam E40 is that the camera cannot be moved remotely. Once it has been placed, it stays there. That means users can't pan around or change the area in frame without physically moving the camera's placement. Just be sure to check and double check if the E40 is in its desired position before doing any installation.

There is a microphone built into the SoloCam E40 along with the camera. This microphone picks up audio and pairs it with the video when using the Eufy app's live feed feature. This allows camera owners to not only see what's going on around the camera, but also hear it.

An example of the night vision quality on the E40

The SoloCam E40 also has a built-in speaker, which is used in two ways. The first is for a generic alarm sound. This alarm can be set to go off manually when looking through the camera's live feed, and is really, really annoying.

Additionally, the speaker can be used for communication. There is a button that can be pressed that turns the SoloCam E40 into a walkie-talkie when using the live feed view on the Eufy app. This allows those using the app to have their words broadcast out of the E40's speakers. The audio quality here is a little on the rough side, but it is still loud and clear enough to make out what is being said without issue. Paired with the E40's microphone, it is possible to have a quick conversation entirely through the camera. That's great for talking with delivery people or others who show up when not at home.

Storage Solutions

Unfortunately, storage on the Eufy SoloCam E40 is a bit of a shortcoming as far as security cameras are concerned. Unlike a number of other options out there, the E40 can only save videos and audio to its internal hard drive. While this hard drive is secured with military-grade encryption and is 8GB, it can't be increased at all.

The app allows users to make quick recordings and save them to share with others

Footage also can't be uploaded to cloud storage. While this does help keep video footage more secure, and it does mean that there aren't any subscription fees for data storage, it is a little limiting.

The 8GB of storage is said to be large enough to hold two months' worth of footage. The camera doesn't record everything, but will make short clips if something notable happens like if the camera detects a person or other activity. The camera can also manually record videos when using the live feed setting on the app. That said, it is easy to download videos from the SoloCam to a different device like a cell phone to help clear up space on the E40's hard drive.

App Experience

The Eufy Security app has a number of features, and they are all fairly easy to understand and use. The most prominent in the app is the live view. This sends a video feed from a SoloCam E40 to a paired app. Users have access to a number of other features while using the live feed, like the previously mentioned speaker and alarm features.

The app is also responsible for controlling the SoloCam E40's settings. These include the option to lower video quality to help with storage space and bandwidth issues, the ability to raise or lower the motion detection sensitivity, audio options and more. One great feature is the ability to share a device, which allows two or more users to have access to the same camera.

A look at some of the settings for the E40

Of the near countless companion apps I have used while reviewing products, the Eufy Security app is one of the better ones. It isn't bogged down with an overwhelming number of settings or unnecessary features, and it is easy to navigate. It also doesn't seem to be a resource hog for mobile devices, which is always a plus.

Final Thoughts

The Eufy SoloCam E40 wireless security camera is all about simplicity. The camera is easy to install and pair with the Eufy Security companion app. The lack of external storage options is a bummer, but the biggest downside is the incredibly slow charge times. Thankfully, the battery can last for months without needing a recharge, but inevitably the camera will need to be taken down to top its charge back up. That's the price to pay to have a purely wireless security camera.

The E40's image quality shines through when looking at the live view or recordings made using the camera. It's easy to see what is going on in the bright sunlight, pitch black darkness and everything in between.

All of this is available for a relatively low price of $130. Those who act fast can get a SoloCam E40 on Amazon right now for a slightly lower price of around $110.