Throughout Season 1 of "Euphoria," the HBO show successfully created a large following thanks to creator Sam Levinson and the cast, which featured Zendaya, Hunter Schafer, Jacob Elordi, and others. Now, fans can own a piece of the show themselves thanks to the A24 Attic Auction that was set up to benefit NYC Health + Hospitals and their coronavirus relief efforts.

"Euphoria" fans now have the chance to own Rue's red hoodie from the teen drama, which Zendaya revealed has an interesting backstory. A description of the item on A24's site says it's "Rue’s all-time favorite hoodie, a hand-me-down of sorts from her late father."

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Furthermore, other details are then revealed on the listing. As this particular piece was worn by Zendaya during the "All For Us" dance sequence that was featured in the Season 1 finale, the hoodie also has two holes in the armpits that were placed there by the costume department in order to accommodate the safety harness needed for the performance.

At the time of publication, the auction was at $6,000 with 11 bidders interested in obtaining the piece.

The article of clothing from the HBO show is not the only piece available for fans to bid on. Swim goggles and a handmade time capsule from Bo Burnham's 2018 film "Eighth Grade" can also be purchased.

Other notable entries include heirloom doormats from 2018's "Hereditary" and a skateboard from the Jonah Hill-directed film, "Mid90s." Later this year, the auction series will allow movie fans to bid on pieces from "Midsommar" and "Uncut Gems."

Leading up to Season 2, "Euphoria" has remained in the news. Not only has it been said that the hit could be getting a new cast addition for future episodes, but other members who work on the HBO show have also hinted at what's next. Additionally, Levinson himself revealed whether Rue died in the Season 1 finale.

"Euphoria" Season 1 is now streaming on HBO.

Pictured are actors Hunter Schafer (left) and Zendaya in a scene from "Euphoria" Season 1, episode 4. Eddy Chen/HBO