On Sunday night, fans of HBO's "Euphoria" were forced to say goodbye to the characters they have come to know and love in Season 1. In episode 8 ("And Salt the Earth Behind You"), all of the drama and disorientation that has been building in the previous seven episodes culminated into a series of flashbacks and scenes at the winter formal.

The episode opens with Rue (Zendaya) going to a hospital to seek treatment for a kidney infection. Through her narration, we find out that she enjoys the hospital setting because it takes away her control and responsibilities. A dangerous scene comes when a nurse almost gives her a pain reliever that could take her off the track of recovery, but just in time her doctor realizes her prior history with drug abuse and prescribes other things instead.

During her three-day hospital stay, Jules (Hunter Schafer) also comes to visit and apologize for not telling her the truth about what had happened to her. At this point, we find out that she has already revealed what had transpired between her and Nate (Jacob Elordi).

Rue eventually gets to leave the hospital and Jules helps dress her for the upcoming winter formal. There, while doing Rue's makeup, she tells her of the adventures she went on when she previously went away for the weekend, including hooking up with Anna (Quintessa Swindell). Judging by Rue's expression, this story doesn't go over well.

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Before the dance, we see Kat (Barbie Ferreira) getting ready, which is when she asks her mom if her dominatrix-inspired look seems stupid. This is one of the first true cracks we see in Kat's new persona as she starts to question her latest direction. Kat goes on to see Ethan (Austin Abrams) that night and reveals to him what had caused her standoffish behavior in the past. Ultimately, they seemingly decide to give their relationship a real try, which is where their story ends for now.

We also see that Nate is taking someone other than Maddy (Alexa Demie) to the event. This decision proves to be a questionable one as their nights are spent not only trying to make each other jealous but also discussing how they aren't healthy for each other. At the end of the episode, we are still unaware of where they will stand come season 2.

As seen in flashbacks, Nate also begins to stumble during his comeback on the football field after all that has recently happened in his life. We see him try and try again until he finally makes a touchdown. However, at home, his dad (Eric Dane) refuses to celebrate as he tells his son that even though he completed that accomplishment he still did not have control of the team.

This escalates into a physical altercation with Nate, where he shoves him onto the bed. In a surprising turn of events though, once his dad stops the violent acts, Nate continues to hit his head on the floor, which is a glimpse into how much Nate has internalized.

His dad goes into the other room and listens to what his son is doing from afar. Through this, we can see how the legacy of violence has been passed down through the generations and how it potentially was learned behavior from his father.

As for Fez, he kisses his grandmother goodbye and follows Mouse (Meeko) to a doctor's home. After he leaves, Fez breaks in and robs the doctor at gunpoint. Seemingly, this is done to make up for the drugs that he lost in the police raid so that he would have money to pay Mouse back. At the end of the episode, it remains unclear whether Fez has done enough to satisfy Mouse as they, him and his accomplice, notice blood on the money and pause when Fez asks if they're good.

Prior to the dance, we also see Cassie go with her mom and sister Lexi (Maude Apatow) to get her abortion. McKay (Algee Smith) is not present for this and at this point we don't know if this is by choice or because Cassie decided not to tell him when she was going. During the procedure, she imagines she is ice skating, so we are given a window into what truly makes her feel happy and safe.

Rue also confronts Nate at the formal and tells him to leave Jules and Fez alone. However, their back and forth doesn't really seem to signify whether he intends to do so or not long-term.

Afterwards, Rue asks Jules if she's in love with Anna, as she's been texting her all night. She says yes. Then, she asks if Jules is in love with her. She again says yes. Eventually, Rue suggests that her and Jules leave town and they bike to their houses to pack, but it's unclear if Rue makes the suggestion in order to keep Jules or because she truly wants to leave at that point.

Once they arrive at the train station, Jules begs Rue to go with her, but she knows she can't follow through with it. Jules eventually leaves her behind and we are left completely unsure where she is going and if she'll return.

The entire episode has bits and pieces of Rue's mom (Nika King) giving a speech at a recovery meeting regarding Rue's drug use overlaying the scenes. She describes her childhood, followed by the events that have taken place in her life to bring her to that point.

In the final moments, we see Rue crying as she's walking home from leaving Jules. This is interwoven with scenes from her life, the highs and lows, the light and dark. This is also when we are made aware that the red jacket she often wears belonged to her dad before he passed away.

In the very last minutes, we see her in the red jacket do a line of what appears to be cocaine and begin to stumble through her home. Her mom and sister do not see her, but her dad, who is dead, does. She then goes outside, climbs up a pile of people wearing maroon clothing as well and jumps off the side.

Does this signify her death? Was this a flashback of how she felt the first time she did drugs following her father's death? There is no way to know until season 2, but what a ride season 1 has been. Luckily, the show has been renewed, so everything will hopefully be revealed in time.

All episodes of "Euphoria" are currently streaming on HBO.

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From left: Sydney Sweeney, Maude Apatow and Barbie Ferreira are pictured in "Euphoria" Season 1, episode 8. Eddy Chen/HBO