• Ex-Stray Kids member Woojin branded the sexual harassment allegations leveled against him as "made-up stories"
  • The K-pop star said he was surprised by how quickly rumors about him spread on social media
  • Woojin first addressed the sexual misconduct allegations via an Instagram post on Sept. 8

Former Stray Kids member Woojin is opening about the sexual harassment allegations made against him, revealing that he initially didn’t take the accusations seriously as there wasn’t any truth to them.

In September, several women came forward with accounts of their alleged encounters with the K-pop star and accused the singer of sexual misconduct.

In his new interview with South China Morning Post, Woojin denied all allegations once more and revealed that he was shocked by how quickly the rumors about him had spread on social media.

"I didn't take it seriously when the issue first came up because it is not true at all," Woojin told the publication, adding that he knew false stories about celebrities were common on social media platforms. "I was surprised that my case was spreading way faster than any of the other rumors."

Woojin earlier slammed the allegations leveled against him on Sept. 8 via an Instagram post. "I know my fans must've been very shocked, but it's not true so don't worry too much," he wrote at the time.

Prior to this, an anonymous netizen claimed that she had been sexually assaulted by the singer at a bar in Seoul, South Korea. She did not specifically call out Woojin but said her alleged attacker was named Woo and belonged to "big3," referring to JYP Entertainment, the singer's former label.

Several other women came forward with similar stories.

In response to the allegations, Woojin’s label, 10x Entertainment, said it plans to take legal action against the accusers. The investigation is still ongoing, South China Morning Post.

Woojin also discussed with SCMP the claims that his new label was not a legitimate company. The K-pop star said he met the founders of the company through an acquaintance and signed with them in August.

"I talked a lot with the company founders," Woojin explained. "After having months of meetings, I realized they understood my vision for my future career. They had a deep understanding of the K-pop industry so I signed the contract in August of this year."

"The company was founded by people who have worked in the industry for more than 10 years. The rumors [that 10x Entertainment is not a legitimate company] are not true," he added.

10x Entertainment had earlier provided proof that it was established on July 27 and was registered in South Korea. Woojin is the first artist of the agency.

kim woojin Former Stray Kids lead vocalist Kim Woojin Photo: Instagram/woooojin0408