Two people have been charged and a third arrested after police say they tied a 54-year-old man to the bumper of a pickup truck and dragged him for a half-mile down a dirt road in Samsula, Fla.

According to a police report, as cited by WFTV, Jeanette Morris, Harold Anderson and a third party attacked Robert Hall at Morris’s house on High Ridge Lane by shocking him several times with a stun gun, and repeatedly punched him in the face, before putting a gun put to his head.

Hall told police that his attackers then tied his hands behind his back and dragged him outside, where they then tied another rope around his ankles and attached the other end to the rear bumper of a pickup truck. The truck then drove off and Hall was dragged down a dirt road.

According to the police report, Morris, 61, called the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office on Monday before the incident had taken place. In the call, she explained that she’s out of town a lot and allows her ex-husband, Robert Hall, to stay at her house on High Ridge Lane while she’s away.

Morris said the two had a written agreement, allowing Hall to stay there until she repays a $1,300 debt to him.

However, Morris told deputies that she had heard that Hall’s girlfriend also was staying at the house and she didn’t want to get into a confrontation when she returned on Tuesday.

Morris was then instructed to call back when she got into town so that a deputy could accompany her to the house. When Morris and the deputy arrived late Tuesday afternoon, Hall was there and appeared to be drunk. The next person to arrive at the house was Harold Anderson.

Morris told the deputy that she would spend the night at her brother's house in Edgewater. However, after the deputy left, that didn't happen, according to the police.

Instead, Morris, Harold Anderson, 63, and a third unidentified person stayed at the home and began drinking vodka with Hall before attacking him.

After having been dragged by the pickup truck, the vehicle stopped and he was tossed into the bed of the vehicle, Hall told authorities.

That was when officers said Hall overheard Anderson say he didn't want to be a part of the murder.

Hall said he managed to break free and leaped from the moving truck, running to the nearest house for help.

WFTV reported that Hall was hospitalized in the intensive surgical care unit with a broken pelvis, broken facial bones and bleeding in his brain.

After the incident, deputies located Morris, who claimed nothing had happened.

However, she had what appeared to be dried blood on her clothes and hand, authorities said.

Authorities told WFTV that Morris and Anderson were charged with attempted murder, conspiracy to commit murder, false imprisonment, aggravated battery and aggravated assault. Both were taken to jail and held without bail, according to the local news network.

On Wednesday night investigators announced the arrest of Joan Hobart, 46, of New Smyrna Beach in connection with the attack.