Here comes another juicy buzz — Irina Shayk is reportedly moving on with Justin Theroux while their exes, Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Aniston are dating.

Amidst the controversies involving Aniston and Cooper, recent reports allegedly suggest that their exes, Shayk and Theroux, could be dating. The story stemmed from an unplanned meet up of  Aniston and Cooper’s exes in a restaurant an unnamed source told Woman’s Today, Latin Times reported. The supposed source reportedly claimed that Shayk felt a spark at the onset of the meeting and immediately felt relaxed in Theroux’s company.

The tipster reportedly added that Shayk and Theroux met twice, after that incident, for dinner and both felt a connection. It was further explained by the said source that despite the instant connection, Shayk reportedly wanted to take it slow. She even turned down Theroux’s invitation for his upcoming birthday because she reportedly wanted to keep the budding relationship in private, at least for now.

This is contrary to recent reports about the dating life of Shayk. In fact, a source recently told E! News that Cooper’s ex isn’t dating anyone and focuses on spending time with her daughter. Shayk reportedly doesn’t rule out meeting someone in the future but it isn’t her priority at the moment. The insider, in the same report, clarified that Shayk wanted to take her time to heal considering that she just came out from a long-term, serious relationship.

Could there be some truth to this Shaky – Theroux budding relationship? It is unclear for now but certain reports relative to this news slammed the dating rumors. At the same time, there were no feedbacks from the celebrities concerned (Shayk and Theroux) on the matter thus far.

Meanwhile, Shayk’s ex, Cooper, amidst the Lady Gaga dating rumor, gets caught up with another love buzz with Theroux’s ex, Jennifer Aniston. 

It was earlier reported that people have witnessed Cooper dated his co-stars and, at the same time, he was known to have commitment issues. There were even allegations that “A Star Is Born” actor was known to date his female lead while promoting their film and dumps them thereafter.

An insider allegedly claimed to NW publication that Cooper had been connecting with Aniston and confides in her following his split with Shayk. The source, in addition, told the said publication that Cooper was getting close to Aniston, who was his co-star in the movie “He’s Just Not Into You,” and that Lady Gaga was seeing her as a threat and a competition to Cooper’s attention, Latin Times reported.

So, what’s the real deal?

These relationship rumors, including Aniston dating Brad Pitt, were repeatedly denied by Aniston’s party, with claims that the “Friends” alum has been striving for a good sense of well-being and happiness, with or without a man in her life.  Although, she’s been reportedly getting advices from her “Friends” co-stars to go out and date, there were no official statements yet as to whether she’s currently dating and who could be the lucky guy.