Who Is The EZVIZ C6W Indoor Security Camera For?

  • The EZVIZ C6W indoor security camera can be set up in seconds
  • The security camera is easy to use with a helpful app
  • The EZVIZ C6W can be mounted on a wall or the ceiling to make it more inconspicuous
The EZVIZ C6W is easy to set up and easy to use

2020 taught the world all kinds of lessons, with one of them being the importance of having a quality living space. With opportunities to go outside all but eliminated, having a comfortable place to relax has become crucial. That means keeping that comfortable place safe and secure is also a priority. This is where the EZVIZ C6W indoor security camera comes into play, as it's incredibly easy to use and takes virtually no time at all to set up.

A Goofy Looking Orb

The EZVIZ C6W is a dome-style security camera, meaning the camera is capable of capturing images from a full 360 degrees around it, no matter where the camera is placed. The actual camera lens is inside the dome, and is capable of tilting 75 degrees up and down. This allows the C6W to capture virtually everything around it, with the exception of the direct underside of the camera. With the proper placement, the C6W can easily monitor an entire room or other large area.

The C6W is small and lightweight, making it easy to be placed just about anywhere

The C6W needs to be plugged in at all times via a micro USB cable. This is a little odd to see that the security camera doesn't use the more common USB-C, but it doesn't have any impact on the camera's performance.

The back side of the EZVIZ C6W is also home to an SD card slot for those who want to save recordings or photos from their camera feed. Cloud storage is available through EZVIZ, but does come with monthly subscription costs.

A look at the back side of the C6W

The C6W works just fine when sitting on a flat surface, but also comes with hardware to mount the camera on a wall or ceiling. The hardware comes with a helpful little sticker that serves as a guide for where the mounting screws need to be inserted, which is always nice.

The mounting hardware included with the C6W

As far as build quality goes, the C6W is pretty solid. The whole device can fit into one hand and it doesn't feel too flimsy, though there are some weak points around the circumference of the camera. The C6W also runs a little warm, but isn't anything near where I would classify as hot. The only major downside for the C6W is that it doesn't have any waterproofing, but then again this is a camera that was designed to stay indoors.

Seamless Set-Up

I seriously cannot overstate how easy it is to get the EZVIZ C6W up and running. I did already had the EZVIZ app installed from a previous review, but even still, getting the C6W paired with the app and my WiFi information took seconds.

EZVIZ typically uses QR codes to easily link their products to their app, and the same is true with the C6W. All that's needed is to quickly scan the QR code and the app more or less does the rest. It seems I regularly have issues setting new devices up for the first time, but the C6W had absolutely no hiccups at all.

A screenshot of the video feed from my kitchen

If there is no WiFi available, or the connection is weak, the C6W has a LAN port on the back to hardwire an internet connection. The only downside here is that the camera needs to be located somewhat near a router or modem, or a long cable needs to be installed.

Intuitive Controls

Once the EZVIZ C6W has been paired with the EZVIZ app, controlling it is very straightforward. The main camera menu on the EZVIZ app gives seven options: video history, snapshot, record, definition, pan/tilt, speak and privacy mode. The function for most of these options can likely be figured out by their name alone, but we'll check out how each of these options works.

It's pretty fun to control the C6W from your phone
  • Video history provides a running timeline of what the camera recorded, and it calls out highlights to make it easier to jump to them. Highlights include when the camera captures movement
  • Snapshot simply captures an image of what the camera is seeing at that moment. Similarly, Record captures a video of what the camera is seeing at that moment
  • Definition changes the camera's video quality. The video quality can go up to 2K (or 1440p), which results in a super clear image. To save on memory and bandwidth, the C6W can drop down to 1080p or lower
  • The Pan/Tilt feature is the most fun to play around with, as it provides a virtual joystick to manually move the camera lens around in the C6W
  • Speak turns the C6W into a two-way communication device, as the owner can talk through the EZVIZ app and their voice will come through the camera itself. Those near the camera can then respond
  • Lastly, the privacy mode option simply disables the camera. Press it again while the mode is active to turn it off

While those options are front and center in the EZVIZ app, there are other modes and settings for the C6W buried deeper in menus. These include the ability to adjust for backlighting and the option to record audio along with video. In the pan/tilt menu, there are also options for turning on motion tracking and taking a 360 degree photo. The motion tracking works surprisingly well and uses a 4x digital zoom to keep subjects in frame.

The video resolution options on the C6W

Great Camera Quality

While the EZVIZ C6W is easy to install and use, does the camera actually capture quality images and videos? That answer is a resounding yes. The C6W can capture footage in up to 1440p, which is more than enough detail to be able to see what is going on. Even when the quality is lowered to save on space and bandwidth, the quality of the image never dips low enough to make things look muddy and pixelated.

What really surprised me was how well the camera can see in the dark. I put the C6W into my bathroom, which gets virtually no natural light, and the camera's night vision made things look like my bathroom was outside in the middle of the afternoon, just in black and white.

A look at my bathroom with all the lights shut off

The only issue with the C6W camera I experienced was when it came to taking a 360 degree picture. The edges of the image got kind of blurry. That said, if you really want to take high-quality 360 degree pictures, a security camera is probably not the best choice in camera equipment.

Final Thoughts

If you're looking for an indoor security camera that is easy to use and practically sets itself up, look no further than the EZVIZ C6W. With its wide range of motion, the C6W is a one-stop shop for providing video coverage of a large area. With its high resolution camera and top-quality night vision, you'll never miss a detail from your security footage and pictures.

The EZVIZ C6W is currently exclusively available from Walmart. The camera normally retails for $90, but is on sale with a $20 discount as of the time of this article's publication.