Who Is The EZVIZ C8C Security Camera For?

  • The EZVIZ C8C security camera takes seconds to set up, but requires a bit more installation time than other EZVIZ cameras
  • The EZVIZ app makes controlling the C8C very easy
  • The C8C can save photos and videos directly to an SD card, or can upload them to the cloud
The EZVIZ C8C security camera makes it easy to see what is going on during the day or night

With so many different security camera models out there, it's easy to get overwhelmed on picking one that is right for you. Today, we're looking at the EZVIZ C8C security camera, which is designed to be an outdoor camera. The C8C is easy to use, can withstand the elements, and has a clear image quality. However, this is a camera only for those who want one permanently installed, and it'll take some work to get the C8C fully mounted in place.

Set Up In Seconds

We've reviewed a number of EZVIZ devices here at International Business Times, and they all use the same general process to get set up. Once a smartphone has downloaded the EZVIZ app, simply press the "add device" button, then select whatever it is that is being added. In the C8C's case, it is picking the camera category. From there, the app asks to scan a QR code, which can be found both on the quick start manual in the C8C box or on the camera itself.

The mounting bracket built onto the C8C

Once the QR code has been scanned, the app more or less takes over. Just make sure the smartphone is logged onto the same WiFi that the C8C camera will run on, and you're set.

Well, you're set as far as digitally setting up the EZVIZ C8C. There are a number of ways the C8C can be installed on a house or other building, but the most common seems to be suspening the camera by mounting it on the underside of a roof or overhang. The camera can also just attach to the side of a wall if wanted. The C8C comes with all the hardware needed to install the camera, minus the tools to do so.

The one issue with the setup process that may be more challenging than others is when it comes to power. Most security cameras I've reviewed before have been battery powered, but the C8C requires the camera to be plugged into the wall at all times. That definitely limits where the C8C can be installed, as it needs to be somewhat close to a wall outlet.

The small one is for power while the larger one is for the optional direct line to the internet

There is also a cable to directly connect the C8C camera to the internet via an ethernet cable. Thankfully, this is optional as the C8C can operate perfectly fine on WiFi. However, those with spotty WiFi connections may want to figure out a way to snake a cable to the camera.

Clear Image Quality In Light Or Dark

The EZVIZ C8C's image feed comes through in a clear 1080p resolution. In daylight, this image quality is perfectly fine, though images may look a little warped due to the wide-angle lens on the camera. Regardless, images are still very clear and easy enough to make out what is going on.

A look at my kitchen in bright light

The C8C actually offers two different approaches to how it operates at night and in darkness. The first is by activating very bright LED lights right under the camera lens. This floods the area around the camera with light, providing a viewing distance of up to 100 feet in full color.

It was pitch black in my bathroom when taking this picture. The only light is from the C8C's LED bulbs

To see further than 100 feet at night, or to not light up the area with the bright LED bulbs, the C8C also has a black and white night vision mode. This obviously lacks the color that the other mode has, but images are still very clear. I've always been impressed with how EZVIZ security cameras can see in the dark, and the C8C is no different.

More Than A Camera

The EZVIZ C8C has a few different features from the previous security cameras I have reviewed, while also missing some common features as well. The most notable addition is the very bright light that can be found right below the camera lens. This light has a few different settings, and can either activate once it is dark out or can be set to trigger once the camera detects motion.

The light on the C8C is very bright

Interestingly, the C8C doesn't have a speaker built into it. The camera has a microphone, so those viewing through a paired smartphone app can hear what is going on around the C8C itself. However, users cannot respond back like with many other cameras, nor is there an audio alarm feature included.

Easy App Controls

The EZVIZ C8C camera is incredibly easy to control. When booting up the app, users are greeted with a video feed from the camera and buttons for every function. These buttons are all fairly self explanatory, with "Snapshot" taking an image from the camera, "Record" taking a video from the camera feed, "Pan/Tilt" providing control over where the camera is pointing towards and so on.

How the EZVIZ app looks when a C8C is connected

Images and videos can be saved to the device running the EZVIZ app, saved to the cloud or saved on the C8C itself via an external SD card. The C8C only supports up to 256GB cards, so don't go out getting a monster 1TB card or something like that. It also should be noted that access to the cloud does require an additional subscription fee with EZVIZ.

The EZVIZ app also lets users tweak the settings of the C8C. These include notification settings, which give tons of flexibility. The notifications can be put on a schedule, so they will only alert a user during set periods of the day. The camera's vision can also be divided up to provide notifications if there is movement in a specific area around the camera, like a mailbox or doorway. It's pretty cool how detailed notifications can be, and how simple it is to set them up.

The C8C is fairly small, though it is a little heavy given its size

I will say I don't like how I have to kind of scroll over to get to all the functions in the app. Just make another line of icons so they can all fit right onto the main page. It'll also look better that way too. Just my two cents there.

Final Thoughts

Like the other EZVIZ products I have reviewed in the past, the C8C security camera is very easy to set up and use through the EZVIZ app. The fact that the camera needs to be plugged in at all times may make getting it installed a bit of a challenge, but it also allows the C8C to operate non-stop without fear of losing battery power. Likewise, it's convenient that the C8C can be both plugged into the internet with an ethernet connection or use WiFi.

At $100, the C8C is fairly inexpensive, and there's also a 15 percent off coupon on Amazon right now for those who hurry.