• Kansas City Mayor Quinton Lucas showed the death threats and racial slurs he received after making face masks mandatory
  • The mayor also showed a fake photo of him holding an offensive message against the police
  • Lucas said face masks are necessary and his mandate took effect June 29

Kansas City Mayor Quinton Lucas revealed on Facebook on Monday (June 29) he has been receiving a barrage of text messages, including death threats and racial slurs after he implemented a face mask mandate.

The Black Democratic mayor was told to "swing from a tree" after he announced the city will be requiring those who go out in public places to wear face-covering effective Monday.

One of the texts also accused him of not wearing a face mask when he “walked with rioters.”

Lucas said there are photoshopped images of him holding a shirt with an offensive message against the police. He showed the actual photo of that shirt, which was, in fact, from a radio advertising.

"To the many texting me aghast of fake photos circulating, I recommend you not believe everything a muckraker sends your way, and use some judgment,” the mayor wrote. “Odd to have to disprove something so patently ridiculous and nonsensical (who takes a smiling F the police photo at a rock station?), but alas, that’s 2020.”

The mayor of Kansas City joined other mayors and governors across the United States to make face masks mandatory after new coronavirus cases spiked.

Face masks are compulsory Face masks are compulsory Photo: AFP / Thomas SAMSON

In a Twitter post, Lucas emphasized that wearing face masks may be uncomfortable but necessary "to ensure we can save lives and keep our economy open."

According to Kansas City Star, the face mask mandate will be in effect for two weeks.  The mayor's office has been distributing free masks at social services agencies and community centers.

A day before Lucas announced the face mask mandate, Kansas City had 227 new COVID-19 cases, the highest single-day increase since the reopening.