Looks like developer Wube Software tricked “Factorio” players into thinking that version 0.15.0 of the real-time strategy game is scheduled for release this Tuesday. The latest version of the game has apparently been released this Monday, a day before its announced release date.

When Wube Software wrote its Space science & 0.15 graphics blog post last Friday, it teased fans that the new version of the game is coming this Tuesday, April 25. However, the developer surprised fans when it announced on Twitter today that version 0.15.0 is already out. It further shocked many players when it released version 0.15.1 just four hours later.

Version 0.15.1 is clearly a minor update that fixes the errors identified following the release of version 0.15.0. The former reduces the noise effect when players are on zoom-to-world view and it also addresses the update error and the Steam config loading error that fans complained about in the online forums.

On the other hand, version 0.15.0 is the main update fans have been anticipating for some time now. This version boasts of three major features: research overhaul, nuclear power and blueprint library. The first one brings with it four new science packs, namely: Military, Production, High-tech and Space. Meanwhile, the blueprint library enables players to keep blueprints of their game saves and even share them in multiplayer mode.

The major update also improves map interaction, adds a wagon for transporting fluids and introduces a feature that would show the player’s body and items slowly degrading when his or her character dies in multiplayer mode. There are also mini tutorials that players can view when they engage in small missions. For now, this feature only covers trains. Wube Software included new scenarios for PvP and Wave defense in 0.15.0 as well.

When it comes to graphics, players will notice that the size of recipe icons has been decreased by 23 percent. The GUI graphics have been tweaked, and there is now a high graphics quality option in the settings.

Check out the full release notes of “Factorio” 0.15.0 here.

“Factorio” 0.15.0 has arrived.