A former Stamford, Connecticut, man pretended to be a fake Uber driver and sexually assaulted two women he picked up at bars.

Henrry Revolorio-DePaz, 27, was extradited from Kansas City on kidnapping and sexual assault charges and arraigned in Stamford Superior Court on Wednesday.

According to a statement from Greenwich Police Capt. Robert L. Berry, the second assault took place Dec. 16, when a 19-year-old woman requested an Uber ride home through the ride-sharing app from a Stamford bar. A car driven by Revolorio-DePaz approached her. Assuming it to be her requested ride, the woman got into the vehicle. He then took her to a location in Greenwich and before she could get out of the car, he sexually assaulted her. The victim managed to escape and call the police, Fox 61 reported.

Police then canvassed the area in Stamford and found CCTV footage of the victim entering Revolorio-DePaz’s car. Information from the investigation was shared with other agencies. Revolorio-DePaz was determined as the suspect based on another similar incident in the past.

An arrest warrant against him was already on sexual assault charges from an incident that took place July 8, 2016. A woman had filed a police compliant stating that she booked an Uber ride home after having drinks with friends at a bar. After waiting for a while, she got into a car believing it to be her ride. After a while, the driver stopped the car, got into the back seat and sexually assaulted her. The man then dropped her at her home.

Investigation revealed that the victim never got into the Uber car that came to pick her up. A few days later, Revolorio-DePaz was pulled over at a traffic stop and he admitted to assaulting the woman. He, however, said it was consensual. The charges against him were dropped, however, since a conclusive match between his DNA and the evidence from the woman could not be made, the Hour reported.

Representational image of a man in handcuffs. Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

During the investigation of the second case, from December, a swab taken from the victim matched the DNA profile of the sample in the 2016 case.

“Certainly the Greenwich case played a role and established additional corroboration that we did not have earlier. Two years ago we thoroughly investigated the case but fell short because DNA evidence was not what it is today. At the time two years ago, we were close to putting the case together and on the heels of the Greenwich investigation, we resubmitted the DNA, which gave us much better results,” said Sgt. Paul Guzda, lead investigator on the case.

Post the second case, Greenwich investigators found that Revolorio-DePaz was staying with a relative in Kansas City. He was extradited to face charges in Connecticut.