The “Falling Skies” Season 4 finale is definitely going to give fans a reason to be scared for earth’s safety. The alien drama will air the second half of its two-part finale on Aug. 31, but Tom might not survive this battle.

The writers titled the episode “Shoot the Moon,” and it’s easy to see why. Tom has to aim high and take out his “mortal enemy” or everyone will die. This will be Tom’s greatest challenge yet—but the title is a little more literal than that. The 2nd Mass is actually trying to get to the Espheni power converter on the moon.

“The biggest challenge that we had this season was executing a mandate that we were handed from [executive producer] Steven Spielberg, which was that Tom’s gonna find the beamer and fly it to the moon,” star Noah Wyle, who plays Tom, told Entertainment Weekly.

However, the 2nd Mass will run into a problem when an Espheni bomb is dropped on Chinatown. The 2nd Mass will be immobilized and they will have to prepare for Human Skitterizaton.

Lexi was the other part of Spielberg’s master plan. He wanted to make sure she came across as “god-like.” According to the “Falling Skies” Season 4 episode 12 synopsis, Tom and Lexi have to defeat his greatest enemy to save humanity. While their relationship is definitely strengthened, Lexi’s relationship with her father is what really changes.

“So what these last couple episodes allow is the character Lexi to prove herself to her father, for her father to really see that he does love his daughter,” Wyle said. “It’s the closest that they’ve come to acknowledging that they are father and daughter that we’ve seen all season.”

However, fans aren’t quite sure that Lexi, Tom and everyone else will make it out alive. Wyle was keeping his lips sealed about deaths in the Season 4 finale. “Well, you know, it’s the apocalypse,” Wyle explained. “It’s got a revolving door to it. People come, people go.”

"Falling Skies" Season 4 finale airs Aug. 31 at 10 p.m. EDT on TNT. Do you think that Tom and Lexi will end up on the moon? Sound off in the comments below!