Like in the real world, the prices of commodities are rising in "Fallout 76" — specifically, the price of toilet paper is spiking. The world is currently dealing with coronavirus, which is why commodities have fast been running out because of people panicking.

In the world of "Fallout 76," people have started panicking too, with thousands of bottle caps being traded amongst players who are buying and selling toilet paper, IGN reported. Reddit users who are players in the online post-apocalyptic game are puzzled why people are buying these products at double or triple its original price. One even said that they’ve managed to sell a roll of the virtual product for 20,000 bottle caps, the in-game currency.

If it’s a joke, then it’s a cruel one. Players are thinking this is because of the shortage of toilet paper in the real world. For some unknown reason, people have been buying the product in bulk to seemingly fight off COVID-19. Some players have begun to think that people are thinking if they cannot buy it in real life, at least their virtual selves won’t leave empty-handed.

Another event that might help people who are under a lockdown or undergoing quarantine is the double experience event that "Fallout 76" is holding this weekend, according to GameSpot. It is currently live and will end Monday, March 23. The official Fallout Twitter informed players that, aside from the boosted XP, players will also get a 25 percent discount on weapons and legendary armor.

An additional bonus is that the free Wastelanders expansion is also coming this April 7. This expansion aims to populate the wasteland with more NPCs. While there have been earlier setbacks, a patch has been released to fix these issues, including graphics and art problems, as well as to generally stabilize the game.

While toilet paper remains the concern of many, an even bigger concern might be what to do while stuck at home during this time. "Fallout 76" is coming to Steam at the same time that the Wastelanders expansion arrives, so that might be one solution that Bethesda is offering to gamers under lockdown.