• Much-awaited level scaling, legendary perks, and daily ops are being introduced in the latest update for "Fallout 76"
  • Some quality of life and bug fixes are also coming courtesy of Bethesda Game Studios
  • One big update for "Fallout 76" remains for 2020, which will roll out a Brotherhood of Steel-themed quest expansion

An update for ”Fallout 76” has arrived from Bethesda Game Studios with a patch that includes level scaling, legendary perks, and daily operations.

According to Polygon, there are also some bug and quality-of-life fixes that should make navigating Appalachia a smoother experience.

One Wasteland adds dynamic level scaling to finally give every creature you encounter in “Fallout 76” the ability to give you an appropriate challenge. This means that high-level players can find a challenge around previously explored parts of the map, and low-level players can explore a little more without being overwhelmed.

If multiple players are part of the same party, each creature they encounter will scale for each player, so a newbie and a veteran can play together and each face an appropriate difficulty for them.

In Daily Ops, you find an endgame encounter that appears around the map at The Burrows, The Burning Mine, Valley Galleria, or Vault 94. In the Uplink Daily Op, players will have to track down and destroy enemies from the Robot, Blood Eagle, or Super Mutant enemy factions.

Every day, Daily Ops change to a new enemy faction, location, and mutation, but players can do the same Daily Op several times in the same day.

Since “Fallout 76” players upgrade their characters by equipping their Perk cards under their SPECIAL stats, Legendary Perks are a new, more powerful high-level card. Players can also collect Perk Coins, which upgrade their Legendary Perk cards.

Players can unlock up to six slots for Legendary Perks upon leveling to 50, 75, 100, 150, 200, and 300.

As “Fallout 76” enters its second season that will last 10 weeks, new cosmetic rewards and weekly challenges await. Completing ranks will reward players with armor paints and skins, themed cosmetics, CAMP items, in-game currencies, and more.

Some of the rewards from the first season, including the handy Ammo Converter, are still available in the game for Gold Bullion.

One big update remains for “Fallout 76” in 2020, and it will roll out a Brotherhood of Steel-themed quest expansion. The Brotherhood of Steel has already shown up in Appalachia, and players recently finished an event to set up their HQ.

The grill-themed event Meat Week is also coming back in the coming weeks, and that will reward meat-themed cosmetics for players. Full patch notes are on Bethesda's "Fallout 76" site.

Fallout 76 - Fallout 1st Membership Bethesda is offering a new premium membership for Fallout 76 players. Photo: Bethesda