The family of Tessa Majors, an 18-year-old college student who was stabbed to death in an NYC park, spoke out recently to talk about the alleged suspect escaping.

According to Radar Online, the suspect, a 14-year-old boy, jumped out of his lawyer's car on his way to the police station for interrogation.

“It doesn’t make much of a difference,” Majors’ grandfather, A.M. Burton, said to the outlet. “We are are just stunned and hurting. It doesn’t bring Tessa back.”

Her grandfather then blasted Ed Mullins, the head of the New York City Police Union Department, for victim-shaming Majors. After she was murdered, Mullins publicly said the victim was in the park that night to buy marijuana and Majors’ grandfather believes he was blaming her death on this action.

“What I’m understanding she was in the park to buy marijuana,” Mullins said at the time to John Catsimatidis, the host of a radio show called The Cats Roundtable. “And you think about that, we don’t enforce marijuana laws anymore. We’re basically hands-off on the enforcement of marijuana.”

In reference to the comments, Majors' grandfather expressed that it was upsetting that it seemed as though her death was being blamed on her one decision that night.

“We don’t live in Virginia, certainly not in New York. So we can’t speak to the police down there but it is quite upsetting that they are trying to spin stories,” Burton said. “We pray that the truth will come out and we will just leave those people alone who want to make up those stories.”

Majors was a Barnard College freshman when she was brutally murdered on Dec. 11. According to Time Magazine, she was found unconscious with “multiple stab wounds around the body” and taken to the hospital where the police confirmed that she was pronounced dead.

At press time, the suspect who escaped from his lawyer's car has not been found, but, there is an ongoing manhunt to try and find him.

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