An Oklahoma woman has been arrested after her 12-year-old daughter gave birth to the child of a man double her age. The mother reportedly was aware of the girl's "relationship" and had also invited the man to her daughter's baby shower. 

Desiree Castaneda was charged with child neglect and enabling child sex abuse, Tulsa Police Department said Thursday. 

On July 14, the 12-year-old arrived at a hospital in Tulsa after developing labor pains, accompanied by a man, identified as Juan Miranda-Jara. Once the hospital authorities noticed that the young mom-to-be was a child, they informed the police.

Miranda-Jara, 24, told the officers he was in a relationship with the minor since October 2020. He admitted that he was the biological father of the child and seemed unsure why the police were involved in the matter, reported the New York Post.

Miranda-Jara was arrested and charged with first-degree rape after the 12-year-old girl gave birth to his child, said the Tulsa Police Department.

In a bizarre twist, investigators later found that the family of the minor knew about the relationship. They were reportedly surprised when they came to know about Miranda-Jara's arrest. 

"The investigation revealed that the victim's mother and family members were aware of the relationship between the victim and Miranda-Jara," Tulsa Police Department's Office said in a Facebook post shared Thursday. "The family permitted the relationship, and there are photos of the family throwing a baby shower for the victim and the suspect." 

"They walked in just like any other couple would; excited to deliver their newborn child," said Officer Danny Bean, reported the Post. "We don't get this kind of call every day. It certainly was a surprise for everyone involved."

The girl's father is currently in prison in an unrelated case. He is serving a 12-year sentence for rape.

Last month, a 46-year-old NYC man was sentenced to 17 years in prison for fathering a child with a 12-year-old minor. During the trial, the victim told the court that she loved him but later realized he was manipulating her. 

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