• Emmi is accused of hiring one of her farm workers to murder her estranged husband’s new girlfriend
  • Law enforcement documents revealed Emmi’s alleged violent behavior in the past
  • The lawyer said in an interview last year that her health issues affected her behavior and caused her to say and do things she didn’t mean

A Colorado-based animal rights lawyer who has appeared on local TV has pleaded guilty to seven felony charges related to an alleged murder-for-hire plot against the girlfriend of her estranged husband, reports said.

Jennifer Emmi, 43, has been charged with stalking, attempting to influence a judge, and retaliation against a witness among others, FOX News reported.

The animal rights lawyer, who is the founder of the Animal Law Center, also faces misdemeanor charges, and two counts of child abuse. 

Colorado authorities accused Emmi of hiring a farm aide, Timothy Lindsey, in November to “take care” of her ex-husband’s new girlfriend. Authorities said Emmi offered the ranch helper $100,000 to murder the subject, who is also her children’s nanny, People reported.

Documents from law enforcement revealed that Emmi had an alleged history of violent behavior and threatening, reports said.

In April, details of an affidavit from Jefferson County emerged, accusing the lawyer of a violent past that included choking her child and threatening to drive into a tractor-trailer while one of her children was with her.

The documents further revealed how Emmi “pulled a knife” on estranged husband Donald “Donnie” Emmi in January 2020 while the latter was carrying one of their children. Hours after Emmi is said to have moved the knife toward Donnie’s neck, Emmi allegedly told her ex-husband that “if she wanted him to be dead, he would be.”

One of Emmi’s attorneys, M. Colin Breese, said the incident of Emmi pulling out a knife “in the middle of a conversation or an argument does not in any way mean there’s the intent to hurt or harm anybody.”

During a forensic interview in February 2020, Emmi’s three young children told investigators that their mom grabbed one child “by the neck.”

According to Fox News, the child told investigators said she was unaware her mother “was blind” when Emmi attempted to carry her and reportedly made the mistake of grabbing the child by the neck.

Emmi has said she is suffering from multiple sclerosis. One symptom of the autoimmune disease is optic neuritis, which can impair vision.

Speaking with FOX affiliate KDVR in February, Emmi said she was “ repeatedly set up” and explained that she doesn’t “want to hurt anyone.”

In the interview conducted inside the Jefferson County Detention Facility, Emmi had said that her health conditions led her to do and say things she “can’t believe came out of my mouth.” 

Emmi, who is known regionally for her local TV appearances, is set for sentencing before Judge Randall Arp on Aug. 16.

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