“Toxic” singer Britney Spears battled rumors Thursday she was involved in the massive celebrity nude photo leak, dubbed the Fappening 2.0. She supposedly had a sex tape that was leaked. Gossip Cop, the website that famously debunks rumors about celebrities, denied the accusation.

“A sex tape of Britney Spears is NOT in danger of leaking, despite a bogus tabloid report,” the publication wrote Wednesday. “Gossip Cop can bust this claim. We’re told it’s false.”

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Despite Gossip Cop writing the contrary, outlets like Radar Online, National Enquirer and Media Take Out claimed there was a sex tape of Spears that was about to leak.

Since it’s probably a hoax, Radar Online cited an anonymous source about how the pop princess is supposedly dealing with the drama. “Every time she thinks she’s finally put the past to bed, something comes back to haunt her ! A seedy sex tape is more than she can handle right now!” an unnamed insider said.

“She’s totally mortified and not coping well at all,” the person continued. “[Spears] is horrified this is happening to her after everything that she’s been through.”

The rumored tape reportedly show the 35-year-old “topless, smoking a joint and gyrating in ecstasy on top of a secret lover,” according to National Enquirer, who isn’t exactly known as a beacon of truth.

While the sex tape of Spears seems like a phony, there were dozens of female celebrities who were exploited in the Fappening 2.0 dump last week.

“Beauty and the Beast” star Emma Watson and “Mean Girls” actress Amanda Seyfried were just two of them. Both threatened legal action against Celeb Jihad, the blog who posted the images, if they didn’t take the pictures down. Despite the threat, the photos remained on Celeb Jihad. Aside from statements through their reps, neither Watson, 26, nor Seyfried, 31, responded to the hack on their personal social media accounts.

Britney Spears
Britney Spears is pictured on Feb. 11, 2017, in Los Angeles. Getty Images

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