The world of "Fargo" Season 2 is a lot bigger than its Season 1 counterpart. There are a lot more moving pieces and characters in FX's small-town, crime war epic. However, no character is more terrifying or enigmatic than Kansas City enforcer Mike Milligan (Bokeem Woodbine). Milligan, along with his two silent henchmen, the Kitchen brothers, have been the centerpiece of some of the series' tensest scenes, including a nail-biting faceoff with Patrick Wilson's Lou Solverson. However, Woodbine says that no part of Mike fears those deadly standoffs. 

Woodbine told International Business Times Monday there is only one thing that could potentially make Milligan sweat -- failure.

"I think you are going to get a chance to see some different tones as the show goes on and some other sides of Mike Milligan. The only thing that would really scare Mike is not reaching his full potential, not getting everything that he can get out of life given his attributes and his skill set. Mike does not want to be an old man thinking, 'If had just pushed a little harder.' He doesn't want to be Willy Loman from 'Death of a Salesman.' "

What does that mean for Milligan's relationship with Kansas City underboss Joe Bulo (Brad Garrett)? Milligan is an underling to the old-school Bulo. Might Bulo be getting in the more progressive, albeit violent, Milligan's way?

"Make no mistake about it, Mike is a subordinate at this time," says Woodbine. "He gets his orders from Joe; he gets his orders from the top. He has a tremendous amount of respect for Joe, but, that being said, he does have a different way of going about things. It's like having an uncle who you have a lot of respect for, but you go, 'you know what, Uncle, we don't use typewriters anymore. We have email.' It's kind of that dynamic, but the respect is always paramount."

Watch Garrett as Joe Bulo and Woodbine as Mike Milligan in a clip from episode 3 below:

How will Mike Milligan further his ambitions in episode 5? Fans will have to tune in to find out. "Fargo" airs Mondays at 10 p.m. EST on FX.

Watch the promo for episode 5 below: