Carrie Coon as Gloria Burgle, Olivia Sandoval as Winnie Lopez
“Fargo” Season 3 actress Olivia Sandoval said that her co-star Carrie Coon “was like a big sister” to her. Chris Large/FX

“Fargo” actress Olivia Sandoval revealed that she and her co-star Carrie Coon had an “incredible working relationship” on the Season 3 set of the FX series.

In a recent interview with Parade, Sandoval — who plays St. Cloud Minnesota police officer Winnie Lopez on the show — said that she and Coon “refer to each other as Starsky and Hutch or Rizzoli and Isles” while filming the third installment of the Noah Hawley-created series. “I adore her,” Sandoval said of Coon. “I really cannot say enough good things about the whole cast. I’m a newcomer and came onto set with all these incredible artists. Everyone went out of their way to be so welcoming and took me under their wing to mentor and give me advice. Carrie especially was like a big sister.”

Sandoval made her debut appearance as Winnie in Season 3, episode 4, in which she was introduced as the police officer tasked to investigate the hit-and-run committed by Sy Feltz (Michael Stuhlbarg). Winnie visited Sy at Emmit Stussy’s (Ewan McGregor) office as the car used in the hit-and-run was registered to Emmit’s firm, Stussy Lots Ltd.

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In the same episode, Winnie met Coon’s Gloria Burgle and found out that she’s investigating the death of her stepfather Ennis Stussy (Scott Hylands). At the end of the hour, Winnie went to Gloria’s home and told her that Ennis’ murder might be connected to the hit-and-run she’s investigating, as Ennis and Emmit not only have the same surname but also have very similar addresses.

“[Winnie and Gloria] both complete each other in a really interesting way,” Sandoval told Goldderby of the dynamic between her and Coon’s characters. “We’re kindred spirits. I have pieces that are missing in my life. She has pieces that are missing in her life both professionally and personally, and we just come together and it’s like magic when we meet each other.”

“They understand what it is like to be a woman, to be overlooked, to be not taken seriously, and to be a relentless pursuer of the truth,” added Sandoval of the two female cops.

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