Venus Williams' tiny white playsuit that she donned in Wimbledon has the fashion police fuming.

The attire that the player described as a jumper has got the media jumpy with humourous to downright scathing comments.

The fashion-savvy star ensured the thigh-skimming outfit, from her own collection EleVen, was in fitting with the tournament's traditional all-white dress code.

However the American ensured she still turned heads on the first day of the Championships by adding a risque split up the back and at the sides said a report in The Sun, with a headline 'The Venus eye trap'.

What's more? The tennis ace paired the playsuit with golden hotpants and sports bra. The length of the thigh-skimming outfit no doubt showed off Venus' enviable legs but also gave the audience a peek into the golden inners often.

The dress was also paired with chunky jewelry, which The Mirror made the center of the fashion criticism.

As if that wasn't enough, she teamed the outfit with giant heavy metal earrings, a large pendant necklace and a massive ring - we're pretty sure our PE teacher would never have let us do a sports class wearing all of those at school, a report on read, before concluding, If it wasn't for the tennis racquet and the visor you'd be forgiven for thinking Venus was off to a festival in that get-up, certainly not Wimbledon...

A headline on Mail Online screamed, No Venus! Another Williams sister fashion disaster as tennis player wears ghastly playsuit at Wimbledon

With the outfit inciting so much mockery, the Wimbledon authorities also jumped to the players' rescue.

An official statement on the website observes, Out on court, Venus was dressed in the latest of her Eleven range, a delicate little number that sent the pundits into a bit of a flap.

Venus's description led to further complications. The language barrier between American English and English English can be huge and when she called her ensemble a jumper, the locals looked confused. Across the pond, a jumper is an all-in-one garment like a romper suits for grown-ups. Over here, that would be called a romper suit for grown-ups, the statement added.

Despite all the uproar over Venus's fashion malfunction, the American ace did make a strong come-back after battling an injury. On day one, Venus thumped Akgul Amanmuradova of Uzbekistan 6-3, 6-1.