• Many fast-food restaurants are open on Christmas Day
  • Some of these restaurants will vary by location 
  • Be sure to call ahead to confirm hours

Christmas Day is usually all about sit-down dinners and delicious confections. Whether you’re having “seven fishes” with your 40 Italians cousins, baking homemade cookies with your kids, enjoying prime rib with all the trimmings or just trying to wrap your head around fruit cake, food and the holidays are inextricably linked. For many, however, Christmas Day is just another day to enjoy a Whopper or McGriddle. For those who have elected not to celebrate Christmas, be it due to religious preferences or a general “bah-humbug” outlook, here are some places to grab a quick bite on your way to the movies.

McDonald's – The Golden Arches are welcoming customers at specific locations around the country. Since McDonald’s restaurants are franchised (we all saw The Founder, right?), hours will vary from location to location. Their website states that a "handful" of locations will be open on Christmas Day with limited hours. The same can be said for Taco Bell, Dunkin and Dominoes.

KFC – Have a Kentucky-fried Christmas at select KFC locations across the country. The finger-lickin’ food giant has developed a devoted holiday customer, specifically in Japan where some people eat just for the holidays. While not all locations will be open today, there’s a chance you can call ahead for your Christmas dinner.

Panda Express – Panda Express represents the newest destination for the ages-old non-Christian holiday Chinese dinner. While most locations are open, it’s best to call ahead to ensure your Sweet Fire Chicken Breast and Beijing Beef will be there when you arrive.

Boston Market – Oven broken? Don’t feel like cooking? Loved creamed spinach? If any of these are true, most Boston Markets will be there to adorn your holiday table.

Pancakes, Anyone? – For those who prefer pancakes to fruit cake, consider Denny’s or IHOP. IHOP has stated that “vast majority” of their locations will be open, and Denny’s is boasting open availability.

Let us reiterate that these locations are franchises, and will be subject to different hours of operation. Also, tip your servers generously…even if they’re serving you through the drive-through window.

Burger King has joined the list of fast food chains that offer meatless options with its vegetable-based burger
Burger King has joined the list of fast food chains that offer meatless options with its vegetable-based burger GETTY IMAGES NORTH AMERICA / Drew Angerer