A three-year-old girl child died after her enraged father allegedly slammed her on the ground because his wife wouldn't wear a veil. The accused and his family then secretly cremated the child's body, police said.

The shocking incident was reported in the Indian city of Jaipur on Tuesday, The Hindustan Times reported. The alleged murder came to light after the woman and her parents filed a complaint with police.

According to a local police officer, the child's mother, in her complaint, alleged that she and her husband used to have regular fights over her refusal to wear a veil.

On the day of the incident, the duo entered into an argument over the veil again. Enraged over her decision to not wear a veil, the man started beating up their three-year-old girl.

“The accused slapped their daughter, and when the woman objected, he snatched the girl and threw her on the ground due to which she died," a senior police official was quoted as saying by News 18.

Though the woman tried to rescue the injured child, he stopped her before throwing her out of the room. She alleged that her husband and his family tried to cover up the murder by secretly cremating the child's body.

This isn't the first time that the woman has filed a police complaint against her husband. She had lodged a complaint against him for harassment two times earlier but withdrew them both times, reports said.

Officers said they have launched an investigation into the incident. "The accused is absconding and efforts were being made to arrest him and others who cremated the girl," a local police officer said.

A similar incident was reported last month in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh wherein a teenager was killed and her body thrown off a bridge by relatives. Police said she was murdered for refusing to follow rules that dictated her to wear dated clothing.

The teenager had started wearing modern clothes after her family moved to a neighboring city which irked her grandfather and uncles. On the day of the incident, they argued over her clothes, following which her uncle pushed the girl. She hit her head on a hard surface and died immediately. It was then that the family tried to dispose of her body by throwing it off a bridge.

Representational image. Pixabay