• Lukasz Klosowski and Chelsea Ireland were murdered in August 2020
  • Pawel Klosowski, Lukasz's father, was sentenced to life
  • Pawel has a non-parole period of 34 years

A man who was accused of murdering his teenage son and his son's girlfriend has been sentenced to life imprisonment.

Pawel Klosowski, 46, of South Australia, was sentenced earlier today for fatally shooting Lukasz Klosowski and Chelsea Ireland, both 19, on his property in August 2020. Pawel is facing life in prison with a non-parole period of 34 years, reported news outlet

Earlier this month, Pawel pleaded guilty to both murders that had taken place after an argument fueled by alcohol and anger issues. The altercation between Pawel and Lukasz began after the teenager had expressed his intention to move out of his mother's house.

Pawel first shot his son twice in one of the bedrooms in the house. He then reloaded the gun and fired at the door of the bathroom where Chelsea had hidden while calling emergency services, 7News said in a report. Meanwhile, Pawel's wife and her children ran outside and hid at the backside of the property.

Pawel was found sitting with a firearm on his lap when the police arrived at the home.

"I acted like a monster. The world would be a better place if I had shot myself instead," Pawel said in his apology that was read in court. He also told the court that he could not explain his actions on the night of the shooting.

A psychological evaluation revealed that Pawel suffered from anger management problems, alcohol-use disorder and a possible frontal lobe impairment.

"We will never understand why this happened and we will spend the rest of our lives grieving and asking why," Greg Ireland, Chelsea's father, said after the sentencing.

"Today marks the end of one incredibly difficult chapter. Tomorrow we continue with the much more difficult task of living without Chelsea and Lukasz," he said further.

Pawel was entitled to a 40 percent discount on his sentencing as he entered into a guilty plea. The court however observed that the wavering would result in a "disproportionately low sentence that would affect public confidence in the administration of justice."

"The anguish and heart-wrenching pain your offending has brought on Lukasz's mother, stepfather and little brother, Chelsea's mother, father and sister, their extended families and their friends is profound," Justice Anne Bampton said.

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Klosowoski first shot his son twice in a bedroom and then reloaded his gun before firing at the locked bathroom door where Ireland had hidden while she called emergency services pixabay