Father's Day is right around the corner and a great dad deserves a great gift -- even if it's a bit last minute. Check out the list below for sales, gift ideas, freebies and last minute splurges to get a special dad on Father's Day this Sunday.

The classic: Ties might be played out, but they're at least a tried-and-true idea. Try getting dad something that's a bit different than usual, but still stylish. Or replace a worn tie with an updated style. For a good selection, check out Tie Bar, an easy website to navigate where most ties are about $20.

Tie accessories: Maybe you've gotten dad one-too-many ties. Get him some accessories to accompany all those ties throughout the years. One idea is a tie rack -- checkout Amazon, which has a large selection. Or, sticking with Tie Bar, grab one of their many clips that add a touch of flair to any tie.

Cheers: If your father enjoys an adult beverage every now and then, getting him alcohol would be a thoughtful gift. One suggestion: a bottle of Blanton's Bourbon. It's absolutely delicious and isn't as costly as the really high end stuff, usually going for $40-$50.

Netflix, HBO Go, Amazon Prime or Hulu Plus subscription: This is as simple as it sounds. It's a gift that will give endlessly and isn't too costly. Plus you and your dad can bond over watching new shows together.

Do a household chore: If you're looking to save some money, do chores around the house for dad instead of buying a gift. Mow the lawn, take out the trash, fix the creaky door, clean the garage, etc.

Magazine subscription: If dad is a reader, then a magazine subscription might be a fitting gift. Think about some classics like Sports Illustrated, GQ, Esquire or ESPN the Magazine. Checkout what is available at magazines.com, which is currently running a $5 off promotion for Father's Day.

Chromecast: The Google Chromecast is an amazing little tool that allows you to stream any tab in Google Chrome onto your television. And it's really cheap -- you can get it on Amazon for about $30.

Portable speaker: For the music-loving father, a portable speaker is a good gift that Dad can use just about every day. They're especially great for summertime since the weather is perfect for enjoying music outside. Best Buy features a wide range of options, both cheap and expensive, so give the list a thorough scroll.

Gift cards: Gift cards are a great last minute idea. Simply pick one of your dad's favorite spots a buy him a card. Some suggestions are Chipotle, Home Depot, Target or Barnes and Noble.

Update Dad: Not every dad is exactly, well, stylish. Macy's is featuring a Father's Day sale right now that can help update dad. Prices are discounted on everything from watches, to clothing to shaving accessories.