Scarlett Johansson
Actress Scarlett Johansson poses at the 5th annual Spike TV's Guys Choice awards in Culver City, California June 4, 2011. Reuters

The FBI has launched an investigation into an alleged hacking incident resulting in half-nude photos of actress Scarlett Johansson being leaked on the Web.

An FBI official told Fox News that they were aware of the alleged hacking incident and will be looking into it.

The photos are reported to have come from the artiste's cell phone, some showing her back framed by a towel and others with her completely topless.

Johansson is one of 50 celebrities who have fallen victim to hacking of cell phones and internet addresses, including Jessica Alba and Vanessa Hudgens.

FBI spokesperson, Laura Eimiller told E News that the FBI were investigating a person or group responsible for a series of cyber intrusions of high profile figures. This would include many devices-could mean a computer, desktop, laptop, iPad, cell phone...intrusions into personal online accounts too, she said

Here are some top tweets referencing the scandal:

daddy_san Caius Preposterus

I'm glad our politicians do not declare their assets like ScarletJohansson just did. That shock would be worse than their lies.

JohnAsHimself John Piermarini

Scarlet Johansson contacted the FBI about her leaked photos. FBI? Female Body Inspectors?

cigarsNscotch Cigars Andscotch

Who had a more embarrassing day today, Scarlet Johansson or Sarah Palin's husband?

netw3rk netw3rk

Overheard at FBI HQ Chief listen, Bin Laden is dead, I need to get on that Scarlet Johansson task force ASAP

stineybean Christine Fugate

Look away from the internet for a day and miss the spectacular naked Scarlet Johansson. #hotdamn I love the zit on her forehead the most.

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