Playtime is over for the passengers of AMC’s web series “Fear the Walking Dead: Flight 462.” After premiering episode 13 of the 16-part series during Sunday’s “The Walking Dead,” the network has released the latest installment early for those who download the official AMC mobile app.

As previously reported, AMC has been showing small installments of a single story during commercial breaks of “The Walking Dead” Season 6. After each debut, the episodes go up on the network’s website. When it’s all said and done, a yet-unknown character from “Flight 462” will join the cast of the spinoff series “Fear the Walking Dead” in Season 2 when it premieres April 10. Although the web drama has been steadily ramping up in tension since its debut, the latest episode finally makes the disaster on board the flight impossible to ignore.

In the previous two episodes, the passengers aboard Flight 462 watched as a sick man turned into a walker and attacked his wife, a flight attendant, an air marshal and a young woman. The young woman has made it clear time and again that she somehow knows more about the zombie situation than she’s letting on. She knew that the dying man would turn and that the only way to stop him once he did was to destroy his brain. In the latest episode, she takes her walker knowledge to a new, significantly darker, level.

Following the attack that saw the air marshal empty his gun in an attempt to stop the walker, the flight attendant and the man’s wife lie in the back of the plane with bite wounds. The wife’s injuries are much more severe, and it looks as though she’s seconds from death. When the young woman realizes it, she stabs a knitting needle into her head without a second thought, explaining to the rest that she had just saved the dying widow.

Before any of the passengers who aren’t used to the logistics of containing a zombie outbreak can get on too high of a moral horse about the kill, their problem from last week’s episode reminds them of its existence in a big way.

After the air marshal fired every round in his gun on the plane, it was revealed that one stray bullet had hit a window. The latest episode of “Fear the Walking Dead: Flight 462” ends on the ominous image of the crack in the window finally shattering and destabilizing the pressure in the plane’s cabin. Now there’s nowhere to land, one remaining bite victim on board and a cavalcade of already panicked passengers. With just two episodes left before it’s revealed who will join the cast of “Fear the Walking Dead” in Season 2,  next week’s episode will force the passengers to deal with the reality that their plane might not be able to land on a runway.

To watch the latest episode of “Fear the Walking Dead: Flight 462” simply download and log on to the AMC mobile app for iOS, Android and Windows-powered devices. You can also wait until Sunday, when the episode will premiere during a commercial break for “The Walking Dead” Season 6, episode 14.