FTWD Season 2 finale
Ofelia (Mercedes Mason) hits a dead end after she crosses the border in the Season 2 finale of “Fear the Walking Dead.” AMC/ Peter Iovino

“Fear the Walking Dead” Season 2 came to a shocking (and bloody) end Sunday night with a two-hour finale. Check out a breakdown of everything that happened in episodes 14 and 15:


Ofelia (Mercedes Mason) is driving along the U.S./ Mexico border when he car breaks down. She’s trying to fix her ride when the dead attack her. Using her hammer, she’s able to take out the threat, and even steal a knife in the process. However, there is no saving the car. With more walkers heading her way, Ofelia is forced to take her rosary beads, backpack and water to continue her journey by foot.

After traveling for a bit of time, Ofelia finally stumbles across a hole in the fence. She crosses into U.S. territory, but is still in the desert. What’s worse though is that Border Patrol still appears to be in active duty.

“Buenos dias, senorita,” a man with a machine gun says to her. “Welcome to America.”

The Colonia

Nick (Frank Dillane) continues to break the rules by sneaking out of the Colonia in the middle of the night with one of the residents. The two steal oxy and go to the supermarket gang to make the trade. Nick tries to trade oxy for safety, promising to make a delivery every week on time if they leave the Colonia alone. The gang has other plans, though. They joined forces with a former rival gang that has access to drugs. With their new allies the only thing they need is the safe haven the Colonia provides.

Nick returns to the Colonia and breaks the bad news to Luciana (Danay Garcia). Alejandro doesn’t appear concerned about the threat, and is instead more upset about Nick disobeying him.

The meeting is interrupted when someone seeking medical attention at the pharmacy turns. Alejandro gets bit, and Nick plays hero by tackling the walker over the balcony. Of course, that’s not a smart move in a building full of sick people. A patient gets an unwanted nose job when the walker falls on top of him. The walker also snacks on some “finger food” when a woman’s hand gets too close. With no weapons to kill the dead, Nick uses the old “Mountain” from “Game of Thrones” trick and kills the walker by sticking his fingers in his eye sockets.

There is nothing left to do after getting eyeball goo on you. Nick packs his bags and begs Luciana to leave the Colonia with him. However, Luciana is still drinking Alejandro’s Kool-Aid. That’s when Nick forces Alejandro to come clean about his immunity. It turns out that he’s a fraud! Alejandro isn’t really immune to the walker virus. In fact, the bite mark is just a wound from a drug addict who essentially had a bad case of the munchies.

Nick (Frank Dillane) tries to convince Luciana (Danay Garcia) to leave with him in the Season 2 finale of “Fear the Walking Dead.” AMC

Luciana feels betrayed by Alejandro, but still refuses to leave with Nick. She considers the Colonia her home and believes faith will protect them. But with that said, she doesn’t want Alejandro to reveal that he lied. Touching him up with a little bit of makeup, Luciana warns Alejandro that he’s got to put on one last show of faith for his people.

Nick doesn’t stick around. He leaves the compound and almost immediately spots something shocking — a helicopter. The sighting makes Nick turn back to the Colonia. He goes to see Alejandro, where he explains about the medevac across the border. Since Alejandro’s health is failing, he promises that his people will never have to find out the truth. Alejandro can encourage them to go north while he gets to stay behind and die a “beautiful death.”

The Hotel

Madison (Kim Dickens) tries to start new with Travis (Cliff Curtis), who is still upset over losing Chris (Lorenzo James Henrie). She tries to tell him that he kept his promise to his ex-wife by allowing Chris to go with other lunatics who understand him. What Madison soon realizes though is that those two psychopaths that Chris took off with are actually at the hotel.

Brandon (Kelly Blatz) and Derek (Kenny Wormald) explain that they were in a car accident that claimed the life of the driver, which is how they ended up at the hotel. When Brandon describes the driver as a 16-year-old idiot from Los Angeles that doesn’t have a drivers license, Madison puts two and two together and figures out that the idiot driver was Chris.

So, do you tell your emotionally unstable lover that his son is dead? That’s the question Madison poses to Strand (Colman Domingo). She’s torn about what to do. She knows that Travis deserves the right to know what happened to Chris, but is also afraid to tell him. Strand actually encourages her not to tell him, saying that Travis needs to maintain hope to survive in this world.

In an attempt to save Travis from any more heartbreak, Madison lures Brandon and Derek outside by telling them they’re going to get their own room and medical attention. That infuriates the other survivors, and an angry mob forms.

Madison has them at the gate when Travis shows up asking for answers about his son. Instead of throwing Brandon and Derek into the street, they bring them to a room for Travis to question them. They explain that Chris volunteered to drive, but must have dozed off behind the wheel. He swerved the car, resulting in it rolling about a half a dozen times. According to Brandon, Chris broke his neck when he went through the windshield of the car. Travis accepts their explanation, but Derek has to add something that made the whole story crumble. Derek continues that they pulled Chris out and buried him by a tree. However, that contradicts what they said about Chris being thrown from the car. Travis locks himself in the room with Brandon and Derek and beats the truth out of them. They finally admit the truth about Chris — they “put him down.”

A flashback reveals that Chris was still alive after the crash and managed to drag himself out of the wreckage. He appeared to have a broken leg, and knew what would happen to him if Brandon and Derek found him. He tried to get away, but Brandon walked up to him and pulled the trigger. They left his body in the middle of the street without giving him a proper burial.

Travis turns into a crazy papa bear. Oscar (Andres Londono) tries to get into the room to stop him from beating the Americans to death, but Travis slams the door on his head and locks the door again. Derek tries to fight back, but is ultimately overpowered. Travis kills Derek by choking him and throwing him through a window. He kills Brandon by crushing his head with his foot.

Travis is in a sort of trance when Hector (Ramses Jimenez) finally uses a chair to break the window. Since Travis just killed two people and hurt one of their own, Elena (Karen Bethzabe) orders for him to be taken away. Madison pleads that Travis just lost his son, but she’s the one that made the rules about violence in the first place.

Strand, who is always watching his own back, warns Madison that she has to let Travis go. He pulls the “your boyfriend abandoned you” and “think about your daughter” card, but Madison won’t let Travis be exiled. With Alicia’s blessing she decides that their only option is to leave the hotel with Travis. Elena gives them the OK, telling Madison that they must leave at dawn. But Madison is prepared for anything to go wrong in that time. She asks Alicia to go check on Oscar.

Madison (Kim Dickens) makes the decision to leave the hotel in the Season 2 finale of “Fear the Walking Dead.” AMC

Things are not looking good for Oscar. He has not regained consciousness, and his brother André s (Raul Casso) has to remove part of his skull in order to reduce some of the brain swelling. It’s important to remember here that André s is not really a doctor, and definitely doesn’t have the proper instruments to pull off such a risky procedure. But hey, when times are tough … what are you going to do?

Well, the procedure doesn’t work and Oscar dies. André s and Hector decide to break the agreement that Elena made with Madison and go after Travis. The duo, along with another hotel guest, breaks into the room Madison, Travis and Alicia are staying in. André s has him at gunpoint and is going to pull the trigger, but Alicia takes everyone by surprise and stabs André s in the chest. A scuffle ensues and the gun goes flying. Everyone stops when Strand picks up the weapon. He forces Hector and the other man out of the room and warns the others that they have to run.

Madison, Travis and Alicia make it to the car, but Strand has no plans on going with them. He hands Madison the gun and promises her that he’ll be OK.

On The Road

Where will Travis, Madison and Alicia go now that they’ve been forced to leave the hotel? Their first stop on the road is the supermarket where the gang was staying. The building is now empty, but Madison is searching for any clues that could lead them to Nick. Of course, this upsets Alicia, who thought that she finally got through to her mom about focusing on Nick a few weeks back.

Meanwhile, the gang arrives to the Colonia. Entering the safe haven is easy, especially since the people already left. However, Alejandro stayed behind and took Nick’s advice. He moves the bus that was blocking the pit of walkers once all of the gang members enter.

Madison, Travis and Alicia find the Colonia just a few hours later, and by that point, the gang is already dead. While it appears like a dead end, Alicia actually stumbles across Alejandro, who is still alive. Before he dies he manages to tell Madison that Nick is heading for the border.

Talk about a lucky break! But luck can only take you so far in the zombie apocalypse.

The Colonia is following Nick and Luciana “north” when Nick is able to show them the helicopter. The thought of a refugee camp gets tossed aside though when someone starts shooting at them. It appears as if they’re Americans protecting the border. The episode ends with Luciana shot and Nick getting knocked out.