Sam Underwood as Jake Otto
“Fear the Walking Dead” Season 3 actor Sam Underwood talked about his character, Jake Otto, and his dynamic with his brother Troy (Daniel Sharman). AMC

“Fear the Walking Dead” is introducing the character of Jake Otto (Sam Underwood) in tonight’s double-episode Season 3 premiere of the AMC series. Jake is one of the two sons of Otto patriarch Jeremiah (Dayton Callies), who is the leader of the American militia introduced at the end of the Season 2 finale. While Jake is someone who looks out for the safety of his family and their community, Underwood has revealed that his character is sort of an outsider in the group.

“Jake … went to law school, but before he finished he came home to his dad, who is having land disputes and that’s where he finds himself as the apocalypse begins,” Underwood told BT TV. “So although he’s at his home, it’s not where he intellectually resonates. He has a very different perspective, culture and different outlook. He doesn’t fit in with this community on the ranch where everyone lives and works now.”

Underwood also sees Jake as a “moral compass,” which is quite the opposite of his brother, Troy (Daniel Sharman). “He is a guy who operates with a purpose and sense of obligation for his family and the community,” the British actor added of Jake. “He is someone who will always look for ways around a problem and ways involving the least death. This means he clashes with his brother, who is much more militaristic.”

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In a separate interview with Monkey Fighting Robots, Underwood said that Jake appears to be playing Abel to Troy’s Cain. “There are so many parallels as Cain and Abel,” he said of the dynamic between brothers Jake and Troy. “There was [also] a ‘Godfather’ referenced that [showrunner] Dave Erikson and I kind of chatted about in terms of setting up a sense of tension between the brothers, as the idea of leadership plays down the line. ... Cain and Abel is definitely more of a danger and I suppose ‘Godfather’ is as well. [But] there’s a danger to that and I think that Troy definitely poses a sense of danger that Jake is definitely not a part of from an ethical standpoint. Whatever attention that’s going to continue to build … we will have to wait and see.”

Underwood revealed to BT TV that Jake and Troy were brought up with different mothers, and as a kid, Jake was the older brother looking out for his sibling. “That cycle has continued up to the point where you meet them in the show,” said Underwood. “From Troy’s point of view, he doesn’t think he needs Jake’s help anymore, but Jake thinks he does. He also fears for the safety of everyone else, because he sees the baser traits of his brother coming out in this new world.”

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“Fear the Walking Dead” double-episode Season 3 premiere airs tonight at 9 p.m. EDT on AMC.