Frank Dillane as Nick
“Fear the Walking Dead” star Kim Dickens revealed that her co-star Frank Dillane hadn’t had a haircut for 10 years, so the cast were excited to see the English actor with a shorter hairdo. Richard Foreman Jr/AMC

Kim Dickens thinks that the shorter haircut of her “Fear the Walking Dead” co-star Frank Dillane suits him well.

“I just think he looks so much more beautiful,” Dickens said of Dillane during the show’s cast interview with TVLine at San Diego Comic-Con on Friday. Dickens, who plays Madison Clark on the AMC series, revealed that Dillane hadn’t had a haircut for 10 years, so the cast were excited to see the English actor with a shorter hairdo.

Dillane, who portrays Nick Clark on the show, had to have his hair cut off for a scene in Season 3, episode 7. In the episode, Nick cut his hair by himself after joining the Broke Jaw Ranch’s militia.

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“I was the one in the scene with him so I was taking pictures and sending them around to the cast,” Madison shared. “I think [Colman Domingo] said, ‘There’s a boy in there.’”

Although Dillane hadn’t had a haircut for a decade, Dickens said that getting his hair trimmed for the scene wasn’t a big deal for the actor. “He just went to the hair and makeup trailer and it was like no big deal,” the actress said.

For his part, Dillane admitted that his hair was “getting annoying” and “dreadlock-y,” so he was cool having them cut.

After Nick cut his hair off in the episode, he asked his mother how he looks. Although Madison just replied with a smile, Dickens revealed that there were actually some takes in which she replied, “you look like a man transitioning like a woman” and “you look like a girl.”

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter earlier this month, showrunner Dave Erickson revealed that they had been talking about cutting Nick’s hair for a long time, but it was only in the episode where they finally found a reason to do it.

“It was tricky, because we’ve seen the hero moments where someone shaves their head and it’s part of a transformative process,” Erickson said. “We didn't want to do that. It’s been done and it's something of a trope. His willingness to join the militia and get close to Troy (Daniel Sharman) operates on two levels: as he said to Madison, he was doing it to keep their enemies as close as possible, and the other side is he sees a darkness and self-destructive quality that he and Troy share, in the vein that we've seen from Nick in the last couple seasons. It’s something that draws him. The decision to cut his hair was part of his decision to connect with this vaguely new persona that he’s putting on with a purpose.”

The second half of “Fear the Walking Dead” Season 3 will premiere on Sunday, Sept. 10 at 9 p.m. EDT on AMC. Watch the newly released trailer for the eight remaining episodes of the season below: