“Feud: Bette And Joan,
The true story behind FX’s “Feud: Bette And Joan,” starring Susan Sarandon and Jessica Lange, is more dramatic than you could ever imagine. FX

Rivalries in Hollywood are common — some are brief, hashed out in music, while others live on in infamy.

Ryan Murphy has decided to capture some of the most infamous celebrity battles in his new series, “Feud.” Season 1, which premieres Sunday on FX, will focus on the long-standing war between legends Joan Crawford and Bette Davis.

As recounted by ET Online, the drama began in the mid 1930s. Davis and Crawford — both beautiful, successful stars — had eyes for the same guy. Franchot Tone was an actor at the time. Davis first noticed Tone on the set of “Dangerous,” a drama they were starring in together.

Despite her best efforts to catch his eye, Crawford became the object of his affections. W Magazine relayed a rumor that she won him over by inviting him to her home, where she greeted him in the nude. The two got married in time and, although it didn’t last, it is the reason for Davis and Crawford’s hatred for one another.

Things got personal when Crawford left MGM for Warner Bros. — the same studio Davis signed under. Now the feuding actresses were competing for the same roles. Crawford came out on top again in 1945, winning an Oscar for her role in “Mildred Place.” As it turns out, Davis turned the role down.

How could it get any more heated between Davis and Crawford? In 1962 both actresses were cast in “What Ever Happened To Baby Jane?” Their differences interfered with their work and it showed.

They fought about every detail, big and small, spread false stories about one another and more. Certain scenes in “What Ever Happened To Baby Jane?” required Davis to drag Crawford across the floor. When filming those, Crawford would wear a lead belt.

Davis had her own fun with Crawford on set. She spoke about the joy it gave her to push her nemesis down a flight of stairs in a scene. Despite the drama, “What Ever Happened To Baby Jane?” was a hit.

Davis won best actress at the Oscars in 1963. Furious that she wasn’t nominated, Crawford reached out the other nominees offering to accept the award on their behalf. Their feud extended beyond Crawford’s death in 1977.

“Feud” will star Jessica Lange as Crawford and Susan Sarandon as Davis. Viewers can also expect to see “American Horror Story” alumnae Sarah Paulson in the series. It’s not clear how Murphy intends to capture the lifelong drama between the two actresses, but we’re excited to find out.

“Feud” premieres Sunday at 10 p.m. EST on FX. The show is already renewed for a second season, despite not having premiered yet.