Germany won the World Cup on Sunday but some think there was a conspiracy at play after a Twitter user apparently predicted the outcome. Reuters

Germany beat Argentina in the World Cup Final and now there are three theories swirling around after a Twitter account “predicted” the outcome of Sunday’s game 16 hours before it happened: the Illuminati is behind the World Cup, FIFA is corrupt or Twitter was somehow hacked.

Germany might be the world champions right now, but now some say it was all a sham thanks to tweets from the handle @FifNdhs, whose name appears as FIFA Corruption. The account apparently foretold the following things Saturday:

-- The score of the game would be 1-0 Germany

-- Germany would win in extra time

-- Gotze would score the only goal

-- There will be a goal in the second half of extra time

The account quickly jumped to more than 20,000 followers once Twitter users began to share the updates. It continues to grow as stunned users continue to share the posts from Saturday.

Some have said the Illuminati, a Satanic cult that is rumored to include celebrities like Jay Z and Beyoncé, is behind the Twitter page and Germany winning over Argentina.

For pragmatists, however, it might sound outlandish that the Illuminati could have predicted the win with malevolent assistance or that FIFA is corrupt. Instead, it could be the user was able to change the times on the Twitter posts, that the 140-character messages were created after the game but made to look like they were put up the day before. A hack of that sort is virtually unprecedented on Twitter.

Of the three theories, the Illuminati rumors seemed the most popular. Netizens shared a picture of Rihanna, who wore a Germany jersey. Like Jay Z and Beyonce, she is another celebrity who is rumored to be in the Illuminati. People took her rooting for Germany a step further and insinuated since she was reportedly a part of the occult, that was the reason Germany took the win.

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