The premiere of the “Fifty Shades of Grey” film is just days away, and while the “Today” show has graciously released several clips from the film, fans of the E.L. James romance series are still clamoring for more. Ahead of the movie’s Feb. 13 theater debut, here are five scenes from the “Fifty Shades” book we can’t wait to see play out on the big screen. Warning: this article does contain spoilers from the book.

The coffee date

After Anastasia “Ana” Steele attends a tension-filled photoshoot with Christian Grey at the Heathman Hotel – with her longtime friend and admirer Jose Rodriguez serving as the photographer – Christian shocks Ana by inviting her on a coffee date. Ana’s friend Kate Kavanagh warns her against joining him for the outing, but Ana decides to go anyway.

After walking to a local coffee shop, Ana and Christian get to know each other, speaking about their families. When the topic of relationships arises, Christian warns Ana that he doesn’t “do the girlfriend thing.”

After leaving the establishment, Christian saves Ana from a cyclist by wrapping his arm around her. In the heat of the moment, Ana wants to kiss Christian, but he reads her mind and verbally refuses her affection.

“Anastasia, you should steer clear of me. I’m not the man for you,” Christian says, leaving Ana upset.

The scene was shot in the GasTown district of Vancouver, Canada, in December 2013. Amateur video of the sequence was captured by passerbys. Short clips of the scene have also been included in several “Fifty Shades” TV spots.

The unwanted kiss

After being turned down by Christian, and finishing her college finals, Ana decides to enjoy a night out on the town with Kate and Jose. Before she leaves, she receives a surprise present from Christian, a pricey first-edition copy of Tess of the d’Urbervilles. 

While at the bar, Ana drinks heavily and calls Christian asking him to explain his actions. After hearing she is clearly intoxicated, Christian demands for her to tell him where she is but Ana does not cooperate.

After getting off the phone with Christian, Ana starts to feel sick and goes outside. Jose joins her and uses her moment of vulnerability to try and steal a kiss. In the midst of Ana’s refusal, Christian shows up and pushes him out of the way. “I think the lady said no,” Christian warns Jose.  

A short clip of Christian’s aggression towards Jose can be seen in this TV spot.

Elevator make out 

After spending the night together at the Heathman following Ana’s drunk escapade, Ana wakes up in Christian’s bed and panics. She is under the impression that she lost her virginity to Christian, but he assures her that they did not have relations and again, refuses to touch Ana. 

After cleaning herself up, Ana and Christian enjoy a breakfast together. During their meal, Christian warns Ana that he is not a “hearts and flowers kind of man.” 

“I don’t do romance. My tastes are very singular. You should steer clear of me,” he says.

After their meal, the duo proceed to leave the hotel. Despite Christian usually requiring all of his submissives to provide him with written consent, he throws his personal rules out the window, sharing a steamy kiss with Ana in the elevator. “Oh, f—k the paperwork,” he says. “What is it about elevators?” he muses afterwards.

Ana’s graduation

With their relationship still hanging in the balance, Ana attends her college graduation ceremony where Christian will be making a speech. After she spots him onstage, she is shocked to discover that he is wearing a special tie, the very same they used in her bedroom just days prior.

After the ceremony, Kate introduces Christian to Ana’s dad, Ray Steele, as her boyfriend. In spite of the hiccup, Christian remains warm and bonds with Ray, much to Ana’s shock. 

When the two share a moment alone, Ana tells Christian that she wants “more” from their relationship, not just sex. Christian warns her that he is horrible at romance and despite his warnings, Ana agrees to “try” his BDSM lifestyle.

The breakup

After Ana rolls her eyes at Christian, he jokingly threatens her with a spanking. Ana reveals to Christian that she only tolerates his Red Room of Pain activities. After Christian begs her not to leave him, Ana asks him to show her “how much it can hurt.”

“I will know once and for all if I can do this,” she says.

After hitting her with a belt six times, Christian runs to comfort Ana, but she refuses.

“This is what you really like? Me, like this? Well, you’re one f---ed-up son of a b---h,” Ana says. “You need to sort your s--t out, Grey!”

After Christian tries to resolve the argument, Ana admits that she is falling in love with him. Christian refuses to accept her feelings, causing Ana to end their relationship.

“I can’t stay,” she says. “I know what I want and you can’t give it to me. and I can’t give you what you need … Good-bye, Christian."

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“Fifty Shades of Grey” debuts in U.S. theaters Friday.