As the sensual Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy continues to rise in sales, changes in the publishing industry cannot be denied. The self publishing trend has allowed book lovers to enjoy works from emerging authors at a very low cost. For romance and erotica addicts, this is especially helpful. Yet there are even more ways to save on seductive stories. Countless sites offer numerous stories from the popular genres for free! Here are four great sites for free adult fiction that will assure you develop an internet addiction in no time.

Fantasies Read and/or write titillating tales based on your specific interests. The site is cleverly divided into sections such as Kinky and Role Play.  You'll find hundreds of short stories and novellas and at no cost.

Stories Online This site contains thousands of free stories from just about every genre, including romance of course. From sexy short stories to steamy novellas, you won't have difficulty finding something to hold your interest. There's even medieval erotica and raunchy science fiction!

Nifty Erotic Stories Archive Geared towards fans of gay, lesbian, and transgender erotica, the 20-year-old site has a vast archive that contains interesting and unique stories. Where else could you find tales of hot Native American encounters?

Smashwords Here you'll find intriguingly thoughtful stories such as Under the Gray Willow Tree. You'll also find a number of additional genres such as horror and non-fiction. Though you'll have to pay a small fee for erotica there's an immensely creative romance section that offers stories at no cost. The site also allows you to publish your own work on kindle and sell it to the likes of Barnes and Noble and Sony.