• The "Final Fantasy 7 Remake Ultimania" guide contains snippets of interviews with the game's developers
  • According to co-director Tetsuya Nomura, the next installment could be released quicker if the games are cut up into smaller parts
  • There is no current timeline for when the next part will make its way to store shelves

The next entry in the "Final Fantasy 7 Remake" project could arrive much sooner than expected, if co-director Tetsuya Nomura has anything to say about it.

In the recently-released "Final Fantasy 7 Remake Ultimania" guidebook, several interviews with the game's developers indicate even the team isn't sure how many parts will comprise the entire game, nor when fans can expect them.

"We have a rough idea, but haven’t exactly decided yet. It’s not something we can definitively say. The widespread speculation seems to be that it’ll be a trilogy," said producer Yoshinori Kitase. The idea of the new vision of the "Final Fantasy 7" story being a trilogy is something that game journalists and enthusiasts alike have shared since learning that the game would span multiple parts.

When asked how the next part will be and when it might release, however, co-director Tetsuya Nomura confirmed the upcoming installment could indeed release sooner than expected, depending on what the team decides on.

"That depends on how many parts there are. If divided into bigger parts it will take a bit of time, and if into smaller parts we will be able to release it in a shorter span," said Nomura. "Personally I’d like to release it sooner."

Development is already underway on the next game, according to Kitase, who divulged that bit of information during an interview with Entertainment Weekly. Nomura confirmed this as well in a message from the development team released back in November 2019.

However, continued further in "Ultimania," Kitase noted that the next game, despite some of the massive departures in the first entry, will not be diverging from the original story.

"We’re not drastically changing the story and making it into something completely different than the original. Even though it’s a remake, please assume the story of 'FF7' will continue as 'FF7' always has," he explained.

"Final Fantasy 7 Remake" has done exceedingly well for itself, ever since debuting April 10. It managed to sell more than 3.5 million units in its first three days on the market, which is a cumulative number based on digital copies and physical shipments. It's likely the second installment will open just as strong, whenever it does come out.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake
Final Fantasy 7 Remake: A surprise announcement at E3, the FF7 remake trailer shows that the development is in the hands of the original games’ key members, which is a relief for fans everywhere. While not many details were announced other than that it is happening (which is huge news in itself since it’s been 18 years since the last one), we can only imagine with the update in graphics that this will be a massive hit. Platforms: PlayStation 4 (Other platforms will most likely follow after), Price: TBD, Release date: TBD (Most likely in 2017 for the 20 year anniversary). Sony